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  1. Introduction: Spiritual Friends in a Multifaith and Multisuffering World
  2. Editors’ Introduction
  3. The Cosmic Breath: Spirit and Nature in the Christianity-Buddhism-Science Trialogue by Amos Yong (review)
  4. Pneumatology and the Christian-Buddhist Dialogue: Does the Spirit Blow Through the Middle Way? by Amos Yong (review)
  5. Theological Reflections at the Boundaries by Paul O. Ingram (review)
  6. Encounters in Faith: Christianity in Interreligious Dialogue by Peter Feldmeier (review)
  7. Theravada Buddhism: The View of the Elders by Asanga Tilakaratne (review)
  8. Growing in Love and Wisdom: Tibetan Buddhist Sources for Christian Meditation by Susan J. Stabile (review)
  9. The Arts of Contemplative Care: Pioneering Voices in Buddhist Chaplaincy and Pastoral Work ed. by Cheryl A. Giles and Willa B. Miller (review)
  10. Jesus and Buddha: Practicing Across Traditions (film) Dir. by John Ankele (review)
  11. The Buddha and Religious Diversity by J. Abraham Velez de Cea (review)
  12. Haiku and Analysis: Ryokan and Whitehead
  13. The Life and Writings of Edmond Pezet (1923–2008)
  14. Conference of the Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies
  15. Report on the Tenth European Network of Buddhist-Christian Studies Conference: History as a Challenge to Buddhism and Christianity
  16. Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies Frederick J. Streng Book Award 2013
  17. The Annual Meeting of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies
  18. Dialogue and Liberation: What I Have Learned from My Friends—Buddhist and Christian
  19. Occupy Religion: Theology of the Multitude and Interreligious Dialogue
  20. Capitalism as Religion and Religious Pluralism: An Approach from Liberation Theology
  21. Ecological Suffering: From a Buddhist Perspective
  22. Liberation and Spirituality
  23. What Christian Liberation Theology and Buddhism Need to Learn from Each Other
  24. Buddhist Resources for Womanist Reflection
  25. Community of “Neighbors”: A Baptist-Buddhist Reflects on the Common Ground of Love
  26. Sexism and Misogyny in the Christian Tradition: Liberating Alternatives
  27. The Suffering of Sexism: Buddhist Perspectives and Experiences
  28. Listening to the World: Prophetic Anger and Sapiential Compassion
  29. Listening to the World: Engagement with Those Who Suffer
  30. The Suffering of Economic Injustice: A Response to Ulrich Duchrow and David Loy
  31. Why Buddhism and the Modern World Need Each Other: A Buddhist Perspective
  32. The Suffering of Economic Injustice: A Christian Perspective
  33. Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, and Listening Ever More Deeply
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