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  1. Contributors
  2. Books Received
  3. Conflicting Memories on the “River of Death”: The Chickamauga Battlefield and the Spanish-American War, 1863–1933 by Bradley S. Keefer (review)
  4. Crafting Lives: African American Artisans in New Bern, North Carolina, 1770–1900 by Catherine W. Bishir (review)
  5. Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities by Craig Steven Wilder (review)
  6. German Immigrants, Race, and Citizenship in the Civil War Era by Alison Clark Efford (review)
  7. Learning from the Wounded: The Civil War and the Rise of American Medical Science by Shauna Devine (review)
  8. Confederate Slave Impressment in the Upper South by Jaime Amanda Martinez (review)
  9. Don’t Hurry Me Down to Hades: The Civil War in the Words of Those Who Lived It by Susannah J. Ural (review)
  10. American Founding Son: John Bingham and the Invention of the Fourteenth Amendment by Gerard N. Magliocca (review)
  11. I Freed Myself: African American Self-Emancipation in the Civil War Era by David Williams (review)
  12. Challenges on the Emmaus Road: Episcopal Bishops Confront Slavery, Civil War, and Emancipation by T. Felder Dorn (review)
  13. The Oracle and the Curse: A Poetics of Justice from the Revolution to the Civil War by Caleb Smith (review)
  14. Washington Brotherhood: Politics, Social Life, and the Coming of the Civil War by Rachel A. Shelden (review)
  15. Slavery, Race, and Conquest in the Tropics: Lincoln, Douglas, and the Future of Latin America by Robert E. May (review)
  16. William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini: Abolition, Democracy, and Radical Reform by Enrico Dal Lago (review)
  17. Teaching the Civil War Era in Global Context: A Discussion
  18. German Americans, Nativism, and the Tragedy of Paul Schoeppe, 1869–1872
  19. The Appeal of Racial Neutrality in the Civil War–Era North: German Americans and the Democratic New Departure
  20. Men of Principle: Gender and the German American War for the Union
  21. From the Rhine to the Mississippi: Property, Democracy, and Socialism in the American Civil War
  22. Editor’s Note
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