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  1. Books Received
  2. Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy by Bryan W. Van Norden (review)
  3. Index to Volume 64
  4. Learning to Emulate the Wise: The Genesis of Chinese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline in Twentieth-Century China ed. by John Makeham (review)
  5. Li Zhi, Confucianism and the Virtue of Desire by Pauline C. Lee (review)
  6. Daoism and Anarchism: Critiques of State Autonomy in Ancient and Modern China by John Rapp (review)
  7. Confucianism as a World Religion: Contested Histories and Contemporary Realities by Anna Sun (review)
  8. Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons: Nature, Literature, and the Arts by Haruo Shirane (review)
  9. Mortality in Traditional Chinese Thought ed. by Amy Olberding, Philip J. Ivanhoe (review)
  10. Embodied Moral Psychology and Confucian Philosophy by Bongrae Seok (review)
  11. The Self: Naturalism, Consciousness, and the First-Person Stance by Jonardon Ganeri (review)
  12. The Unlikely Buddhologist: Tiantai Buddhism in Mou Zongsan’s New Confucianism by Jason Clower (review)
  13. Valuing Diversity: Buddhist Reflection on Realizing a More Equitable Global Future by Peter D. Hershock (review)
  14. Reply to Dan Arnold
  15. Response to Jonathan Gold’s Review of Brains, Buddhas, and Believing
  16. A Review of Brains, Buddhas, and Believing: The Problem of Intentionality in Classical Buddhist and Cognitive-Scientific Philosophy of Mind by Dan Arnold
  17. Forward to the Past
  18. The Quest for Wisdom as a Spiritual Exercise
  19. Rorty’s Thesis of the Cultural Specificity of Philosophy
  20. Leaving the Garden: Al-Rāzī and Nietzsche as Wayward Epicureans
  21. Karma and Rebirth in the Stream of Thought and Life
  22. Mindfulness and Mindlessness in Early Chan
  23. Non-Representational Language in Mipam’s Re-Presentation of Other-Emptiness
  24. The Confucian Conception of Freedom
  25. Rawls in Japan: A Brief Sketch of the Reception of John Rawls’ Philosophy
  26. Suffering Free Markets: A “Classical” Buddhist Critique of Capitalist Conceptions of “Value”
  27. Economic Equity, the Well-Field System, and Ritual Propriety in the Confucian Philosophy of Qi
  28. Mozi’s Teaching of Jianai (Impartial Regard): A Lesson for the Twenty-First Century?
  29. Retrospective on the Global Reach of the East-West Philosophers’ Conferences (Plenary Address at the Tenth East-West Philosophers’ Conference, May 16, 2011)
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