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  1. Color Insert
  2. Introduction: Global Encounters in Southeast Asian Performing Arts
  3. From the Editor
  4. Shadow Woman: The Extraordinary Career of Pauline Benton by Grant Hayter-Menzies (review)
  5. Another Stage: Kanze Nobumitsu and the Late Muromachi Noh Theater by Lim Beng Choo (review)
  6. Supernatural Beings from Japanese Noh Plays of the Fifth Group: Parallel Translations with Running Commentary by Chifumi Shimazaki and Stephen Comee (review)
  7. Hijikata: Revolt of the Body by Stephen Barber (review)
  8. Dramatic Action in Greek Tragedy and Noh: Reading with and Beyond Aristotle by Mae J. Smethurst (review)
  9. South Asian Festivals on the Move ed. by Ute Hüsken Axel Michaels (review)
  10. A Continuous Revolution: Making Sense of Cultural Revolution Culture by Barbara Mittler (review)
  11. Double Nora by Ueda Kuniyoshi, Mori Mitsuya, and Tsumura Reijirō (review)
  12. Frank Hoff (1932–2013)
  13. Lighting Spectacles in East and Southeast Asia
  14. Whither Rama in the Clear-Cut Forest: Ecodramaturgy in Southeast Asia
  15. Dama Orchestra’s Shidaiqu Recontextualized in Theatre
  16. To Randai or Not to Randai
  17. From Ritual Form to Tourist Attraction: Negotiating the Transformation of Classical Cambodian Dance in a Changing World
  18. Contemporary Wayang Beber in Central Java
  19. Wayang Hip Hop: Java’s Oldest Performance Tradition Meets Global Youth Culture
  20. Looking to the Future: Training a New Generation for Balinese Arja
  21. Buddhism and Thai Comic Performance
  22. Seri Wangnaitham’s Phuchanasibtid and the Modernization of Thai Traditional Theatre
  23. Filipino Folk Dance in the Academy: Embodied Research in the Work of Francesca Reyes Aquino, Sally Ann Ness, and Benildanze
  24. No More Masterpieces: Tangible Impacts and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Bordered Worlds
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