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  1. Color Insert
  2. From the Editor
  3. Crucible Bodies: Postwar Japanese Performance from Brecht to the New Millennium by Tadashi Uchino (review)
  4. Inexorable Modernity: Japan’s Grappling with Modernity in the Arts Edited by Hiroshi Nara (review)
  5. Stars of the Tokyo Stage: Natori Shunsen’s Kabuki Actor Prints by Lucie Folan (review)
  6. Eternal Performance: Ta’ziyeh and Other Shiite Rituals Edited by Peter Chelkowski (review)
  7. Singing Emptiness: Kumar Gandharva Performs the Poetry of Kabir by Linda Hess (review)
  8. Hindi Theatre in Kolkata: Shyamanand Jalan and his Times Edited by Pratibha Agarwal and Samik Bandyopadhyay (review)
  9. Andha Yug: The Age of Darkness by Dharamvir Bharati (review)
  10. Strange Eventful Histories: Identity, Performance, and Xu Wei’s Four Cries of a Gibbon by Shiamin Kwa (review)
  11. Kinesthetic City: Dance and Movement in Chinese Urban Spaces by SanSan Kwan (review)
  12. Opera and the City: The Politics of Culture in Beijing, 1770–1900 by Andrea S. Goldman (review)
  13. Moni Mekhala and Ream Eyso Edited by Prumsodun Ok (review)
  14. Imaging Dance: Visual Representations of Dancers and Dancing Edited by Barbara Sparti and Judy Van Zile (review)
  15. Out! Loud! Directed by Betty Bernhard (review)
  16. Tanvir ka Safarnama (Tanvir’s Travelogue) directed by Ranjan Kamath (review)
  17. Karnnaparithyagam (The Abandoning of Karna) by Sadanam K. Harikumaran (review)
  18. Reconstructing Memory, Constructing the Future: An Interview with PM Toh
  19. The Legend of Apsara Mera: Princess Norodom Buppha Devi’s Choreography for the Royal Ballet of Cambodia
  20. Tibetan Opera in and outside the Tibet Autonomous Region
  21. River! River! River! A Minjian Eco-Theatre
  22. Suzuki Tadashi’s La Dame aux Camélias in Taiwan
  23. Pure Love and Beyond: Suzuki Tadashi’s Use of Taiwanese Popular Music in La Dame aux Camélias (2011)
  24. Mutual Illumination: The Xinggan Dramas and the Fanjiulou Ritual of Yongkang, Zhejiang
  25. Socialist Realism and New Subjectivities: Modern Acting in Gao Xingjian’s Cold Theatre
  26. Innovation in : Matsui Akira Continues a Tradition of Change
  27. “Democratic Kabuki” for a “Democratic Japan”: 1945–1946
  28. Chong Wishing’s Yakiniku Dragon 焼き肉ドラゴン: A Portrait of the Zainichi Korean-Japanese Experience
  29. Beate Sirota Gordon: Producing Performance at the Asia Society
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