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  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction
  3. Editors’ Introduction
  4. Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples by Linda Tuhiwai Smith (review)
  5. Collaborators Collaborating: Counterparts in Anthropological Knowledge and International Research Relations edited by Monica Konrad (review)
  6. Community-Based Archaeology: Research with, by and for Indigenous and Local Communities by Sonya Atalay (review)
  7. Decolonizing Museums: Representing Native America in National and Tribal Museums by Amy Lonetree (review)
  8. Action Anthropology and Sol Tax in 2012: The Final Word? edited by Darcy C. Stapp (review)
  9. Science Field Shops to Reduce Climate Vulnerabilities: An Inter- and Trans-Disciplinary Educational Commitment
  10. Science, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and Anthropology: Managing the Impacts of Mining in Papua New Guinea
  11. Song, Land, and Ceremony: Interpreting the Place of Songs as Evidence for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Claims
  12. The Dynamics of Collaborative Research Relationships: Examples from the Warlpiri Songlines Project
  13. Laws, Customs, and Practices in Australian Native Title
  14. Anthropology, Community Development, and Public Policy: The Case of the Kaiela Planning Council
  15. A Research Practice Like Escher’s Drawing Hands: Reflections on Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries on Lake Como, Italy
  16. Anthropology, Linguistics, and the Vicissitudes of Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  17. My Life as a Chameleon: Finding the Anthropological Self through Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  18. Reflections through Reflexivity: Why My Collaborative Research Project in Arctic Labrador Did Not Work
  19. Standing on the Shore with Saaban: An Anthropological Rapprochement with an Indigenous Intellectual Tradition
  20. The Fiddle’s Voice: Timbre, Musical Learning, and Collaborative Ethnography in Central and Inner Asia
  21. Turning the Song: Music, Power, and the Aesthetics of Collaboration
  22. Work in the Field: Public Ethnomusicology and Collaborative Professionalism
  23. Voicing the Domestic: Senegalese Sufi Women’s Musical Practice, Feminine Interior Worlds, and Possibilities for Ethnographic Listening
  24. Reconciling Geppetto: Collaboration, (Re-)Creation, and Deception in the Practice of Hip Hop Music Ethnography
  25. Collaborating on Language: Contrasting the Theory and Practice of Collaboration in Linguistics and Anthropology
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