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  1. Response to Intervention and Precision Teaching: Creating Synergy in the Classroom by K. Johnson and E. M. Street
  2. Positive Behavior Supports in Classrooms and Schools: Effective and Practical Strategies for Teachers and Other Service Providers by K. Storey and M. Post
  3. Systematic Instruction for Functional Skills for Students and Adults with Disabilities by K. Storey and C. Miner
  4. AAC Strategies for Individuals with Moderate to Severe Disabilities by S. S. Johnston, C. Reichle, K. M. Feeley, and E. A. Jones
  5. The Road Ahead: Transition to Adult Life for Persons With Disabilities ed. by K. Storey, P. Bates, and D. Hunter
  6. The Iterative Development and Initial Evaluation of We Have Skills!, an Innovative Approach to Teaching Social Skills to Elementary Students
  7. Functional Behavioral Assessment and Students at Risk for or with Emotional Disabilities: Current Issues and Considerations
  8. The Effects of a School-Based Functional Analysis on Subsequent Classroom Behavior
  9. The Effects of Direct Instruction Flashcard and Math Racetrack Procedures on Mastery of Basic Multiplication Facts by Three Elementary School Students
  10. Tutoring Middle School Students with Disabilities by High School Students: Effects on Oral Reading Fluency
  11. The Effects of a Supplementary Computerized Fluency Intervention on the Generalization of the Oral Reading Fluency and Comprehension of First-Grade Students
  12. School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) in the Classroom: Assessing Perceived Challenges to Consistent Implementation in Connecticut Schools
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