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  1. Index to Volume XXVI
  2. Critical Essays On Gary Snyder ed. by Patrick D. Murphy (review)
  3. The San Francisco Poetry Renaissance, 1955–1960 by Warren French (review)
  4. Critical Approaches to the Fiction of Margaret Laurence ed. by Colin Nicholson (review)
  5. High Sky Over All: Idaho Fiction at the Centennial ed. by Richard Ardinger, Ford Swetnam (review)
  6. Visions by Michael Fillerup (review)
  7. Un-Due West by Roland Sodowsky (review)
  8. Old Southwest Humor from the St. Louis Reveille, 1844–1850 ed. by Fritz Oehlschlaeger (review)
  9. The Pumpkin-Eaters by Lois Braun (review)
  10. Making Our Own Rules: New and Selected Poems by Michael Hogan (review)
  11. Skies of Such Valuable Glass by Art Homer (review)
  12. Blue Autumn by Christopher Buckley (review)
  13. Let’s Hear It For Them by Charles Noble (review)
  14. Imaginary Ancestors by Madeline DeFrees, and: Inconstant History: Poems and Translations by Gregory McNamee (review)
  15. Looking for the Blue Rose by Veneta Letham Nielsen (review)
  16. Words for My Daughter by John Balaban (review)
  17. Texas Poets in Concert: A Quartet by R.S. Gwynn, et al. (review)
  18. The Owl on the Aerial by Clarice Short (review)
  19. The Woman in Red by Cynthia Hogue, and: Going Home Away Indian by Leo Romero (review)
  20. Shadowlight by Joanne McCarthy (review)
  21. Comma in the Ear by Gene Frumkin (review)
  22. The Crown of Columbus by Michael Dorris, Louise Erdrich (review)
  23. Intaglio: A Novel in Six Stories by Roberta Fernandez (review)
  24. INTER/VIEW. Talks with America’s Writing Women by Mickey Pearlman, Katherine Usher Henderson (review)
  25. They Saw the Elephant: Women In the California Gold Rush by JoAnn Levy (review)
  26. Western Images, Western Landscapes: Travels along U.S. 89 by Thomas R., Geraldine R. Vale (review)
  27. Haa TuwunáaguYis, for Healing Our Spirit: Tlingit Oratory ed. by Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Richard Dauenhauer (review)
  28. Czech Voices: Stories from Texas in the Amerikán Národní Kalendár ed. by Clinton Machann, James W. Mendl, Jr. (review)
  29. West of the West: Imagining California ed. by Leonard Michaels, David Reid, Raquel Scherr (review)
  30. The Desert Reader ed. by Peter Wild (review)
  31. The Good Rain by Timothy Egan (review)
  32. A Teton Country Anthology ed. by Robert W. Righter (review)
  33. Turtle Talk: Voices for a Sustainable Future ed. by Christopher Plant, Judith Plant (review)
  34. Hewing to Experience by Sherman Paul (review)
  35. Research in Western American Literature: 1990–1991
  36. Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature
  37. Steinbeck’s “Breakfast”: A Reconsideration
  38. The Artist and the West: Two Portraits by Jack Kerouac and Sam Shepard
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