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  1. Notes
  2. Death By Deception by Anne Wingate (review)
  3. The Autobiography of William Allen White ed. by Sally Foreman Griffith (review)
  4. Jack London and His Daughters by Joan London (review)
  5. Out of this World by Joseph Somoza (review)
  6. Other Men and Other Women by David Dwyer, and: The Farmer’s Daughter by Kathleene West (review)
  7. Season of Dead Water ed. by Helen Frost (review)
  8. Day’s Work by David Lee (review)
  9. Yosemite, The Embattled Wilderness by Alfred Runte (review)
  10. Heartland: Comparative Histories of the Midwestern States ed. by James H. Madison, and: The Middle West: Its Meaning in American Culture by James R. Shortridge (review)
  11. Time’s Island: The California Desert by T. H. Watkins (review)
  12. The Dream of The Earth by Thomas Berry (review)
  13. Chronicle of a Small Town by Jim W. Corder (review)
  14. Skywater by Melinda Worth Popham (review)
  15. A Gentleman’s Guide to the Frontier by Joanne Meschery (review)
  16. Power and Glory by Robert Easton (review)
  17. California Rush by Sherwood Kiraly (review)
  18. Midnight Wilderness: Journeys in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by Debbie S. Miller (review)
  19. Green Rage: Radical Environmentalism and the Unmaking of Civilization by Christopher Manes (review)
  20. The American West: A Narrative Bibliography and a Study of Regionalism by Charles F. Wilkinson (review)
  21. Razored Saddles ed. by Joe R. Lansdale, Pat LoBrutto (review)
  22. Lime Creek Odyssey by Steven J. Meyers (review)
  23. Of Chiles, Cacti, and Fighting Cocks: Notes on the American West by Frederick Turner (review)
  24. This is About Vision: Interviews with Southwestern Writers ed. by John F. Crawford, William Balassi, Annie O. Eysturoy (review)
  25. The Telling Distance: Conversations with the American Desert by Bruce Berger (review)
  26. Cather Studies, Volume I ed. by Susan J. Rosowski (review)
  27. A Variable Harvest: Essays and Reviews of Film and Literature by Jon Tuska (review)
  28. The American Indian in American Literature by Elizabeth I. Hanson (review)
  29. Strategies of Reticence. Silence and Meaning in the Works of Jane Austen, Willa Cather, Katherine Anne Porter, and Joan Didion by Janis P. Stout (review)
  30. Taking Stock: A Larry McMurtry Casebook ed. by Clay Reynolds (review)
  31. Duel of Eagles by Jeff Long (review)
  32. Doug Peacock and the American West
  33. Thomas Wolfe’s Western Journeys
  34. Thea Kronborg’s “Song of Myself”: The Artist’s Imaginative Inheritance in The Song of the Lark
  35. Land and Value: The Ecology of Robinson Jeffers
  36. The Myth of the Mythical West
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