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  1. Notes
  2. American Indian Woman, Telling Their Lives by Gretchen M. Bataille and Kathleen Mullen Sands (review)
  3. The Deerslayer, or The First Warpath by James Fenimore Cooper, and: The Pilot; A Tale of the Sea by James Fenimore Cooper (review)
  4. Life of Bishop Machebeuf by W. J. Howlett (review)
  5. The Way To Independence: Memories of a Hidatsa Indian Family, 1840–1920 by Gilbert L. Wilson (review)
  6. Stories of Maasaw, A Hopi God by Ekkehart Malotki and Michael Lomatuway’ma (review)
  7. A Shroud in the Family by Lionel G. Garcia (review)
  8. The Sadness of Days: Selected and New Poems by Luis Omar Salinas (review)
  9. Maasaw: Profile of a Hopi God by Ekkehart Malotki and Michael Lomatuway’ma (review)
  10. Jack London on the Road: The Tramp Diary and Other Hobo Writings ed. by Richard W. Etulain (review)
  11. Cowboy by Bernard Wolf (review)
  12. Balzac’s Dolls and Other Essays, Studies, and Literary Sketches by Greg Boyd (review)
  13. Artifacts by B. J. Buckley (review)
  14. Little Lucy’s Papa: A Story of Silverland by Dan DeQuille/William Wright (review)
  15. Pieces of Map, Pieces of Music by Robert Bringhurst, and: The Nootka Rose by Sam Hamill (review)
  16. The Western Writer’s Handbook ed. by James L. Collins (review)
  17. The Man Who Rode Midnight by Elmer Kelton (review)
  18. Blood Moon by K. Patrick Conner (review)
  19. The Treble V: The Legacy of a Cattle Baron of the Old West by R. Guild Gray (review)
  20. Last of the Breed by Louis L’Amour (review)
  21. The Vanishing White Man by Stan Steiner (review)
  22. In Condor Country by David Darlington (review)
  23. Beyond Forget: Rediscovering The Prairies by Mark Abley (review)
  24. A Treasury of the Sierra Nevada ed. by Robert Leonard Reid (review)
  25. Northwest Variety: Personal Essays by 14 Regional Authors ed. by Lex Runciman and Steven Sher, and: Owning It All by William Kittredge (review)
  26. The Desert Is No Lady: Southwestern Landscapes in Women’s Writing and Art ed. by Vera Norwood and Janice Monk (review)
  27. Images of America: Travelers from Abroad in the New World by Robert B. Downs (review)
  28. I See by My Get-Up by Ron Querry (review)
  29. Stephen Crane by Bettina L. Knapp (review)
  30. The Men in My Life by James D. Houston (review)
  31. Stories We Listened To by John Haines (review)
  32. Stories from the Country of Lost Borders by Mary Austin (review)
  33. Land Fever: Dispossession and the Frontier Myth by James M. Marshall (review)
  34. Classics of Texas Fiction by James Ward Lee (review)
  35. A History of Steinbeck’s Cannery Row by Tom Mangelsdorf (review)
  36. Willa Cather: The Emerging Voice by Sharon O’Brien, and: Cather’s Kitchens: Foodways in Literature and Life by Roger L. and Linda K. Welsch (review)
  37. Escape From Death Valley, As Told by William Lewis Manley and Other ’49ers ed. by Leroy and Jean Johnson (review)
  38. The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, August 30, 1803–August 24, 1804 ed. by Gary E. Moulton, and: The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, August 25, 1804–April 6, 1805 ed. by Gary E. Moulton (review)
  39. The Silent Screen and My Talking Heart by Nell Shipman (review)
  40. The Beat Vision: A Primary Sourcebook ed. by Arthur and Kit Knight (review)
  41. Beats & Company: Portrait of a Literary Generation by Ann Charters (review)
  42. Jack London’s California: The Golden Poppy and Other Writings ed. by Sal Noto, and: With a Heart Full of Love: Jack London’s Presentation Inscriptions to the Women in His Life ed. by Sal Noto (review)
  43. “The Tools of My Trade”: Annotated Books in Jack London’s Library by David Mike Hamilton (review)
  44. Selected Letters of Raymond Chandler ed. by Frank MacShane (review)
  45. The Earth Abideth by George Dell (review)
  46. Golden Days by Carolyn See (review)
  47. The News of the World by Ron Carlson (review)
  48. Good-bye, Son and Other Stories by Janet Lewis (review)
  49. The Best of the West ed. by Joe R. Lansdale (review)
  50. Selling the Wild West: Popular Western Fiction, 1860–1960 by Christine Bold (review)
  51. Wild Westerns: Stories from the Grand Pulps ed. by Bill Pronzini (review)
  52. Reprints of Note
  53. A Literary History of the American West (review)
  54. The Woman at Otowi Crossing by Frank Waters (review)
  55. Mary Austin and Houghton Mifflin Company: A Case Study in the Marketing of a Western Writer
  56. A. B. Guthrie’s Fair Land, Fair Land: A Requiem
  57. River of Paradox: John McPhee’s “The Encircled River”
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