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  1. Ursus Major by Roberta Smoodin (review)
  2. Winter Brothers: A Season at the Edge of America by Ivan Doig (review)
  3. Big Sioux Pioneers ed. by Arthur R. Huseboe (review)
  4. Music for Chameleons by Truman Capote (review)
  5. The Wolf and the Buffalo by Elmer Kelton (review)
  6. Yellowfish by John Keeble (review)
  7. The Apaches: Eagles of the Southwest by Donald Worcester (review)
  8. This Tree Will Be Here for a Thousand Years by Robert Bly, and: Talking All Morning by Robert Bly (review)
  9. Man Meets Grizzly: Encounters in the Wild from Lewis and Clark to Modern Times ed. by F. M. Young and Coralie Beyers (review)
  10. Woman Poet ed. by Carolyn Kizer, and: Selected Poems by Hazel Hall (review)
  11. New Native American Drama: Three Plays by Hanay Geiogamah (review)
  12. Bret Harte: A Reference Guide by Linda D. Barnett (review)
  13. Thomas Moran: Watercolors of the American West by Carol Clark (review)
  14. This Song Remembers ed. by Jane B. Katz (review)
  15. The Secret of the Sierra Madre: The Man Who Was B. Traven by Will Wyatt (review)
  16. Sacagawea of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by Ella E. Clark and Margot Edmonds (review)
  17. Idle Weeds, The Life of a Sandstone Ridge by David Rains Wallace (review)
  18. Incident at Eagle Ranch: Man and Predator in the American West by Donald G. Schueler (review)
  19. The Don Juan Papers by Richard de Mille (review)
  20. Sons of Adam by Frederick Manfred (review)
  21. The World of Lawrence: A Passionate Appreciation by Henry Miller (review)
  22. The South Corner of Time: Hopi, Navajo, Papago, Yaqui Tribal Literature ed. by Larry Evers (review)
  23. Zane Grey — Born to the West: A Reference Guide by Kenneth W. Scott (review)
  24. Good News by Edward Abbey (review)
  25. Beyond Geography; The Western Spirit Against the Wilderness by Frederick Turner (review)
  26. The Kerouac Boom
  27. White Corn Sister by Peter Blue Cloud (review)
  28. Manfred’s Elof Lofblom
  29. Ambivalent Warriors in The Octopus
  30. The Inconsistent Octopus
  31. “Moderate Extremism”: Edward Abbey and “The Moon-Eyed Horse”
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