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  1. Staying the Winter by Nancy McCleery (review)
  2. A Miner’s Christmas Carol by Sam Davis (review)
  3. At Home in Texas: Early Views of the Land by Robin W. Doughty (review)
  4. The Western Apache: Living with the Land Before 1950 by Winfred Buskirk (review)
  5. The Good Red Road by Kenneth Lincoln, Al Logan Slagle (review)
  6. Indian Country: Americas Sacred Land by Tony Hillerman, and Tarahumara: Where Night is the Day of the Moon by Bernard L. Fontana (review)
  7. To the Fierce Guard in the Assyrian Saloon by Howard W. Robertson (review)
  8. No Wild Dog Howled by Bruce Embree (review)
  9. Shrubs of the Great Basin: A Natural History by Hugh N. Mozingo (review)
  10. Entrepreneurs of the Old West by David Dary, and The Legacy of Conquest: The Unbroken Past of the American West by Patricia Nelson Limerick (review)
  11. The American West as Living Space by Wallace E. Stegner (review)
  12. Marking the Magic Circle: an Intimate Geography by George Venn (review)
  13. Wingbone: Poetry from Colorado ed. by Janice Hays, Pamela Haines, and City Kite on a Wire: 38 Denver Poets ed. by Ray Gonzalez (review)
  14. Liquid City: Houston Writers on Houston ed. by Rita Saylors (review)
  15. At the Field’s End: Interviews with Twenty Pacific Northwest Writers by Nicholas O’Connell (review)
  16. Plain Folk: A Commonplace of the Great Plains by Jim Hoy, Tom Isern (review)
  17. Going Over East: Reflections of a Woman Rancher by Linda M. Hasselstrom (review)
  18. Night Freight by Clyde Rice (review)
  19. Prose Sketches and Poems Written in the Western Country by Albert Pike (review)
  20. A Man in the Wheatfield by Robert Laxalt (review)
  21. Rats Alley by John H. Irsfeld (review)
  22. Wanderer Springs by Robert Flynn (review)
  23. Dancing At The Rascal Fair by Ivan Doig (review)
  24. Ringer by Marshall Terry (review)
  25. Unassigned Territory by Kem Nunn (review)
  26. Voices of a Place by Gerald Haslam (review)
  27. A Beautiful, Cruel Country by Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce (review)
  28. The Interior Country: Stories of the Modern West ed. by Alexander Blackburn, Craig Lesley, Jill Landem (review)
  29. O. Henry’s Texas Short Stories by O. Henry (review)
  30. Prize Stories: Texas Institute of Letters ed. by Marshall Terry (review)
  31. Small Faces by Gary Soto (review)
  32. Prettyfields by William Eastlake, and The Man Who Cultivated Fire & Other Stories by Gerald Haslam (review)
  33. Heart of a Western Woman by Leslie Leek Durham (review)
  34. Griever: An American Monkey King in China by Gerald Vizenor (review)
  35. Western Trails: A Collection of Short Stories by Mary Austin ed. by Melody Graulich (review)
  36. The Short Stories of Fray Angelico Chavez by Fray Angelico Chavez (review)
  37. Gerald Haslam by Gerald Locklin, and Helen Hunt Jackson by Rosemary Whitaker, and Richard Brautigan by Jay Boyer, and Ole Edvart Rölvaag by Ann Moseley, and Lanford Wilson by Mark Busby (review)
  38. Prairies Within by Harold P. Simonson (review)
  39. Zane Grey, Born to the West: A Reference Guide by Kenneth W. Scott (review)
  40. Frank Norris: Collected Letters ed. by Jesse S. Crisler (review)
  41. On Mark Twain: The Best from American Literature ed. by Louis J. Budd, Edwin H. Cady (review)
  42. Willa Gather in Person: Interviews, Speeches and Letters ed. by L. Brent Bohlke (review)
  43. Willa Cather: A Literary Life by James Woodress (review)
  44. Jack London: Adventures, Ideas, and Fiction by James Lundquist (review)
  45. Three Pacific Northwest Poets: William Stafford, Richard Hugo, and David Wagoner by Sanford Pinsker (review)
  46. Revolutionary Rexroth: Poet of East-West Wisdom by Morgan Gibson (review)
  47. Howard Hawks: A Jungian Study by Clark Branson (review)
  48. Sam Shepard’s Metaphorical Stages by Lynda Hart (review)
  49. Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner (review)
  50. Essay Review
  51. Grafting onto Her Roots: Jean Stafford’s “Woden’s Day”
  52. The Minimal Western
  53. Unity and Point of View in The Distant Music
  54. Focus and Frame in Wright Morris’s The Works of Love
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