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  1. Mapping My Father by Ripley Schemm (review)
  2. The Land of the Long Shadow by Oliver Lange (review)
  3. Conversations with Bullwhackers, Muleskinners, Pioneers, Prospectors, ’49ers, Indian Fighters, Trappers, Ex-Barkeepers, Authors, Preachers, Poets and Near Poets, and All Sorts and Conditions of Men ed. by Mike Helm (review)
  4. Mr. American by George MacDonald Fraser (review)
  5. Nightwind by Roberta Jean Mountjoy (review)
  6. Texas Rhapsody: Memories of a Native Son by Bill Porterfield (review)
  7. The World Rushed In: The California Gold Rush Experience by J. S. Holliday (review)
  8. Wild Freedom by Max Brand (review)
  9. The Hardrock Miners: A History of the Mining Labor Movement in the American West, 1863–1893 by Richard E. Lingenfelter (review)
  10. So This Is the Map by Reg Sane (review)
  11. Back in Keith County by John Janovy, Jr. (review)
  12. Bartlett Richards, Nebraska Sandhills Cattleman by Bartlett Richards, Jr., Ruth Van Ackeren (review)
  13. Growing Up in the Midwest ed. by Clarence A. Andrews, and A Bibliographical Guide to Midwestern Literature by Gerald C. Nemanic (review)
  14. Yosemite, Its Discovery, Its Wonders & Its People by Margaret Sanborn (review)
  15. George R. Stewart by John Caldwell, and Scandinavian Immigrant Literature by Christer Lennart Mossberg, and Clarence King by Peter Wild, and Benjamin Capps by Ernest B. Speck, and Charles F. Lummis by Robert E. Fleming (review)
  16. Enos Mills by Peter Wild, and Gary Snyder by Bert Almon, and Charles Marion Russell by Robert L. Gale, and Jack Kerouac by Harry Russell Huebel, and C. L. Sonnichsen by Joyce Gibson Roach (review)
  17. The Ambidextrous Historian: Historical Writers and Writing in the American West by C. L. Sonnichsen (review)
  18. Let My People Know: American Indian Journalism, 1828–1978 by James E. Murphy, Sharon M. Murphy (review)
  19. A Closed Book by Richard Blessing (review)
  20. The Pinon Pine: A Natural and Cultural History by Ronald M. Lanner (review)
  21. Steinbeck’s Unhappy Valley: A Study of The Pastures of Heaven by Joseph Fontenrose (review)
  22. The Primal Mind: Vision and Reality in Indian America by Jamake Highwater (review)
  23. Expeditions to Nowhere by Paddy Sherman (review)
  24. Morgana’s Fault by Susan Lukas (review)
  25. Frederick Manfred: A Bibliography and Publishing History by Rodney J. Mulder, John H. Timmerman (review)
  26. American Places by Eliot Porter, Wallace Stegner, Page Stegner (review)
  27. Words for the Wind: The Collected Verse of Theodore Roethke (review)
  28. Land of Savagery, Land of Promise: The European Image of the American Frontier in the Nineteenth Century by Ray Allen Billington (review)
  29. Jack London: An American Myth by John Perry (review)
  30. Notes: Western Literature Association 1982 Annual Meeting
  31. Norman Maclean’s Two-Hearted River
  32. Gary Snyder’s Myths & Texts and the Monomyth
  33. How the Western Ends: Fenimore Cooper to Frederic Remington
  34. Wallace Stegner’s Family Saga: From The Big Rock Candy Mountain To Recapitulation
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