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  1. Contributors
  2. Autobiography and Changing Identities Welcome to the Conference July 27, 2000
  3. Autobiography and Changing Identities: Introduction
  4. Reviewed Elsewhere
  5. Autobiography, Exile, Home: The Egyptian Memoirs of Gini Alhadeff, AndrÉ Aciman, and Edward Said
  6. Eva Hoffman's Double Emigration: Canada as the Site of Exile in Lost in Translation
  7. "Hidden Country": Discovering Mina Benson Hubbard
  8. Displacement and Self-Representation: Theorizing Contemporary Canadian Biotexts
  9. Autoethnography and Material Culture: The Case of Bill Reid
  10. Doukhobor Autobiography as Witness Narrative
  11. Footprints of the Fugitive: Slave Narrative Discourse and the Trace of Autobiography
  12. In the Second Person: Narrative Transactions in Stolen Generations Testimony
  13. Genome and Genre: DNA and Life Writing
  14. Writing as Refiguration: Lucy Grealy's Autobiography of a Face
  15. Chain Gang Narratives and the Politics of "Speaking For"
  16. Women's Diaries as Life-Savings: Who Decides Whose Life is Saved?: The Journals of Eugénie de Guérin and Elisabeth Leseur
  17. Limit-Cases: Trauma, Self-Representation, and the Jurisdictions of Identity
  18. Breaking Rules: The Consequences of Self-Narration
  19. How Do Diaries End?
  20. Performing the Search in Adoption Autobiography: Finding Christa and Reno Finds Her Mom
  21. "Carefully I Touched the Faces of My Parents": Bergman's Autobiographical Image
  22. "Heightened by Life" vs. "Paralyzed by Fact": Photography and Autobiography in Norma Cantú's Canícula
  23. Becoming and Be/Longing: Kate Bornstein's Gender Outlaw and My Gender Workbook
  24. Performing Identities: Actresses and Autobiography
  25. "I am Prince Jussuf": Else Lasker-Schüler's Autobiographical Performance
  26. The Rumpled Bed of Autobiography: Extravagant Lives, Extravagant Questions
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