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  1. The Rutledge Prize 2012: For Graduate Students Giving Papers at the SCLA Conference
  2. Colored Cosmopolitanism: The Shared Struggle for Freedom in the United States and India by Nico Slate (review)
  3. Pynchon's Against the Day: A Corrupted Pilgrim's Guide ed. by Jeffrey Severs and Christopher Leise (review)
  4. Reading Steinbeck in Eastern Europe by Danica Čerče (review)
  5. Visuality and Materiality in the Story of Tristan and Isolde ed. by Jutta Eming, Ann Marie Rasmussen, and Kathryn Starkey (review)
  6. Thinking in Literature: Joyce, Woolf, Nabokov by Anthony Uhlmann (review)
  7. Shakespeare and Religion: Early Modern and Postmodern Perspectives ed. by Ken Jackson and Arthur Marotti (review)
  8. Writing across Cultures: Narrative Transculturation in Latin America by Ángel Rama (review)
  9. Material Difference: Modernism and the Allegories of Discourse by William D. Melaney (review)
  10. Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities by Martha C. Nussbaum (review)
  11. The Severed Head: Capital Visions by Julia Kristeva (review)
  12. French Global: A New Approach to Literary History ed. by Christie McDonald and Susan Rubin Suleiman (review)
  13. Perfect Worlds: Utopian Fiction in China and the West by Douwe Fokkema (review)
  14. Modernist Commitments: Ethics, Politics, and Transnational Modernism by Jessica Berman (review)
  15. Mallarmé: The Politics of the Siren by Jacques Rancière (review)
  16. Soldiers on the Cultural Front: Developments in the Early Literary History of North Korean Literature and Literary Policy by Tatiana Gabroussenko (review)
  17. Cross-Dressing: Ancient and Modern Reappropriations of Homosexual Identity
  18. Peter Handke's Reception of Miguel de Cervantes's Don Quixote of La Mancha (1605) in Der Bildverlust: oder Durch die Sierra de Gredos (The Loss of Image or Through the Sierra de Gredos) (2002)
  19. Shensi: Tracing Arthur Sze's Poetic Imagination between East and West
  20. Time and Trauma in Ricardo Piglia's The Absent City
  21. Naguib Mahfouz's Children of the Alley and the Coming Revolution
  22. Gaming the Trace: Systems Theory for Comparative Literature
  23. Poetic Antagonyms
  24. The Theology of Painting: Picturing Philosophy in Velázquez's Las Meninas
  25. Ben Jonson and His Reader: An Aesthetics of Antagonism
  26. The Discussion as Joust: Parrhesia and Friendly Antagonism in Plutarch and Montaigne
  27. A Battle of the Books: Linguistic Antagonisms and the Crisis of Postcolonial Secularism
  28. Duras and Platonic Love: The Erotics of Substitution
  29. Staging Diaspora: Memory, Writing, and Antagonism in Maryse Condé's Desirada
  30. Contemporaneity and Antagonism in Modernist and Postmodern Aesthetics
  31. Antagonized by the Text, Or, It Takes Two to Read Alice Walker's "Everyday Use"
  32. Agonistic Academe: Dialogue, Paralogy, and the Postmodern University
  33. The Function of Agon at the Present Time
  34. Editor's Column: Antagonistically Speaking
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