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  1. Contributors
  2. Books Received
  3. Chick Lit and Postfeminism by Stephanie Harzewski (review)
  4. Contemporary Women Writers Look Back: From Irony to Nostalgia by Alice Ridout (review)
  5. Modernist Short Fiction by Women: The Liminal in Katherine Mansfield, Dorothy Richardson, May Sinclair and Virginia Woolf by Claire Drewery (review)
  6. Women's Poetry and Popular Culture by Marsha Bryant (review)
  7. Stevie Smith and Authorship by William May (review)
  8. Radclyffe Hall: A Life in the Writing by Richard Dellamora (review)
  9. Women's Authorship and Editorship in Victorian Culture: Sensational Strategies by Beth Palmer (review)
  10. Jane Austen's Anglicanism by Laura Mooneyham White (review)
  11. Spiritual Mestizaje: Religion, Gender, Race, and Nation in Contemporary Chicana Narrative by Theresa Delgadillo (review)
  12. Unassimilable Feminisms: Reappraising Feminist, Womanist, and Mestiza Identity Politics by Laura Gillman (review)
  13. Writing the Black Revolutionary Diva: Women's Subjectivity and the Decolonizing Text by Kimberly Nichele Brown (review)
  14. Domesticity and Design in American Women's Lives and Literature: Stowe, Alcott, Cather, and Wharton Writing Home by Caroline Chamberlin Hellman (review)
  15. Women Writers of the American West, 1833-1927 by Nina Baym (review)
  16. Exaltadas: A Female Genealogy of Transcendentalism ed. by Phyllis Cole and Jana Argersinger (review)
  17. Afterword: We Other Periodicalists, or, Why Periodical Studies?
  18. Around 1910: Periodical Culture, Women's Writing, and Modernity
  19. The Mess and Muddle of Modernism: The Modernist Journals Project and Modern Periodical Studies
  20. From a Tarantula on a Banana Boat to a Canary in a Mine: Ms. Magazine as a Cautionary Tale in a Neoliberal Age
  21. A Chameleonic Character: Celebrity, Embodiment, and the Performed Self in Cornelia Otis Skinner's Magazine Monologues
  22. Tears on Trial in the 1920s: Female Emotion and Style in Chicago and Machinal
  23. Expanding Woolf's Gift Economy: Consumer Activity Meets Artistic Production in The Dial
  24. The Anatomy of Complicity: Rebecca Harding Davis, Peterson's Magazine, and the Civil War
  25. "The Character of Editress": Marian Evans at the Westminster Review, 1851-54
  26. "Connections, which are of service . . . in a more advanced age": The Lady's Magazine, Community, and Women's Literary Histories
  27. From the Editor: Women and Anglo-American Periodicals
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