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  1. Contributors
  2. Books Received
  3. From Battlefields Rising: How the Civil War Transformed American Literature (review)
  4. Fighting Chance: The Struggle over Woman Suffrage and Black Suffrage in Reconstruction America (review)
  5. Andrew Johnson’s Civil War and Reconstruction (review)
  6. History of Andersonville Prison (review)
  7. Civil War Senator: William Pitt Fessenden and the Fight to Save the American Republic (review)
  8. Confederate Outlaw: Champ Ferguson and the Civil War in Appalachia (review)
  9. One of Morgan’s Men: Memoirs of Lieutenant John M. Porter of the Ninth Kentucky Cavalry (review)
  10. Shifting Loyalties: The Union Occupation of Eastern North Carolina (review)
  11. The Civil War in the West: Victory and Defeat from the Appalachians to the Mississippi (review)
  12. With a Sword in One Hand and Jomini in the Other: The Problem of Military Thought in the Civil War North (review)
  13. On Slavery’s Border: Missouri’s Small-Slaveholding Households, 1815–1865 (review)
  14. Women Writers and Journalists in the Nineteenth-Century South (review)
  15. Colonization and Its Discontents: Emancipation, Emigration, and Antislavery in Antebellum Pennsylvania (review)
  16. Mightier than the Sword: “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the Battle for America (review)
  17. Slavery and the Culture of Taste (review)
  18. Geohistory: Crowdsourcing and Democratizing the Landscape of Battle
  19. Toward a History of Cultural Economy
  20. Legitimacy and Interventionism: Northern Republicans, the “Terrible Carpetbagger,” and the Retreat from Reconstruction
  21. “Tradyville”: The Contraband Trade and the Problem of Loyalty in Civil War Mississippi
  22. “My Laborers in Haiti Are Not Slaves”: Proslavery Fictions and a Black Colonization Experiment on the Northern Coast, 1835–1846
  23. Editor’s Note
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