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  1. Book Notes
  2. Contributors to This Issue
  3. Kosher Nation: Why More and More of America’s Food Answers to a Higher Authority (review)
  4. Glory and Agony: Isaac’s Sacrifice and National Narrative (review)
  5. Biblical Seductions: Six Stories Retold Based on Talmud and Midrash (review)
  6. Why Study Talmud in the Twenty-first Century? The Relevance of the Ancient Jewish Text to Our World (review)
  7. Rediscovering the Dead Sea Scrolls: An Assessment of Old and New Approaches and Methods (review)
  8. Sacred Trash: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza (review)
  9. A River Flows From Eden: The Language of Mystical Experience in the Zohar (review)
  10. Driven to Darkness: Jewish Émigré Directors and the Rise of Film Noir (review)
  11. The Eichmann Trial (review)
  12. Deutsch-jüdische Identität und Überlebenskampf in Berlin (review)
  13. The Death Marches: The Final Phase of Nazi Genocide (review)
  14. Tödliche Maskeraden: Julius Streicher und die “Lösung der Judenfrage (review)
  15. Local History, Transnational Memory in the Romanian Holocaust (review)
  16. Holocaust as Fiction: Bernhard Schlink’s “Nazi” Novels and Their Films (review)
  17. In the Demon’s Bedroom: Yiddish Literature and the Early Modern (review)
  18. Bridge of Light: Yiddish Film Between Two Worlds (review)
  19. Exemplary Bodies: Constructing the Jew in Russian Culture since the 1880s (review)
  20. The Enigma of Isaac Babel: Biography, History, Context (review)
  21. Rabbis and Revolution: The Jews of Moravia in the Age of Emancipation (review)
  22. Three Jewish Journeys Through an Anthropologist’s Lens (review)
  23. Judah L. Magnes: An American Jewish Nonconformist (review)
  24. Zeal for Zion: Christians, Jews and the Idea of the Promised Land (review)
  25. The Chosen Peoples: America, Israel, and the Ordeals of Divine Election (review)
  26. Women and Communal Prayer
  27. Not Judging by Appearances: The Role of Genotype in Jewish Law on Intersex Conditions
  28. The Messiah and the Bodhisattva: Anti-Utopianism Re-Revisited
  29. Jewish Survival, Divine Supervision, and the Existence of God
  30. The Picaresque Voice of Bare Life: Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird
  31. The Menorah Journal and Shaping American Jewish Identity: Culture and Evolutionary Sociology
  32. Negotiating Jewish Belonging in Postwar Slovakia (1945–48)
  33. Building Slovak Jewry: Communal Reorientation in Interwar Czechoslovakia
  34. Imperial Embraces and Ethnic Challenges: The Politics of Jewish Identity in the Bohemian Lands
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