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  1. Works Received
  2. Transformative Journeys: Travel and Culture in Song China (review)
  3. The Urban Generation: Chinese Cinema and Society at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century (review)
  4. Religious Revival in the Tibetan Borderlands: The Premi of Southwest China (review)
  5. The New Silk Road: How a Rising Arab World Is Turning Away from the West and Rediscovering China (review)
  6. Empire’s Twilight: Northeast Asia under the Mongols (review)
  7. China, Cambodia, and the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence (review)
  8. Two Suns in the Heavens: The Sino-Soviet Struggle for Supremacy, 1962–1967 (review)
  9. The Encyclopedia of Taoism 2 volumes (review)
  10. The Battle for China: Essays on the Military History of the Sino-Japanese War of 1937–1945 (review)
  11. Drink Water, but Remember the Source: Moral Discourse in a Chinese Village (review)
  12. The War for Korea: A House Burning, 1945–1950, and: The War for Korea: They Came from the North, 1950–1951 (review)
  13. Edited, Translated, and Compared with the Pāli, The Beginnings of Buddhist Ethics: The Chinese Parallel to the Kūṭadantasutta (review)
  14. Reflections on “Dream of the Red Chamber” (review)
  15. Public Passions: The Trial of Shi Jianqiao and the Rise of Popular Sympathy in Republican China (review)
  16. Heroes of China’s Great Leap Forward: Two Stories (review)
  17. Mao Zedong and China in the Twentieth-Century World: A Concise History (review)
  18. Civilizing Missions: International Religious Agencies in China (review)
  19. Confucianism and Social Issues in China—The Academician Kang Xiaoguang. Investigations into NGOs in China, the Falun Gong, Chinese Reportage, and the Confucian Tradition (review)
  20. Adapted for the Screen: The Cultural Politics of Modern Chinese Fiction and Film (review)
  21. Chinese Architecture and the Beaux-Arts (review)
  22. An Anthology of Chinese Discourse on Translation, Volume 1, From Earliest Times to the Buddhist Project (review)
  23. China’s Hong Kong Transformed: Retrospect and Prospects beyond the First Decade (review)
  24. Chinese Films in Focus II (review)
  25. Chinese Migrants and Internationalism: Forgotten Histories, 1917–1945 (review)
  26. Yunnan: Periphery or Center of an International Network?
  27. Ancient Chinese Warfare (review)
  28. Pictures for Use and Pleasure: Vernacular Painting in High Qing China (review)
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