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  1. Book Notes
  2. Polish Jewry: Editors' Introduction
  3. Contributors to This Issue
  4. Contemporary American Judaism: Transformation and Renewal (review)
  5. Nach Amerika: Die Geschichte der deutschen Auswanderung (review)
  6. The Israeli Peace Movement: A Shattered Dream (review)
  7. Nixon and Israel: Forging a Conservative Partnership (review)
  8. A Living Revolution: Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement (review)
  9. Jewish Renaissance in the Russian Revolution (review)
  10. Moses Montefiore: Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero (review)
  11. Visionen der gerechten Gesellschaft: Der Diskurs der deutsch-jüdischen Publizistik im 19. Jahrhundert (review)
  12. Haydn's Jews (review)
  13. The Unconverted Self: Jews, Indians, and the Identity of Christian Europe (review)
  14. Levinas's Jewish Thought: Between Jerusalem and Athens (review)
  15. Levinas and Medieval Literature: The "Difficult Reading" of English and Rabbinic Texts (review)
  16. The Origins of Jewish Mysticism (review)
  17. Levirate Marriage and the Family in Ancient Judaism (review)
  18. Jerusalem's Traitor: Josephus, Masada and the Fall of Judea (review)
  19. A New Sound in Hebrew Poetry: Poetics, Politics, Accent (review)
  20. A Rhetorical Conversation: Jewish Discourse in Modern Yiddish Literature (review)
  21. When Kafka Says We: Uncommon Communities in German-Jewish Literature (review)
  22. Contemporary Jewish Writing in Brazil: An Anthology (review)
  23. Holocaust Drama: The Theater of Atrocity (review)
  24. Primo Levi and Humanism after Auschwitz: Posthumanist Reflections (review)
  25. Trapped: Essays on the History of the Czech Jews, 1939-1943 (review)
  26. The Song is Over: Survival of a Jewish Girl in Dresden (review)
  27. Circles of Resistance: Jewish, Leftist, and Youth Dissidence in Nazi Germany (review)
  28. Kristallnacht 1938 (review)
  29. Holocaust: The Nazi Persecution and Murder of the Jews (review)
  30. Bohater, spisek, śmierć: Wykłady żydowskie (Hero, Conspiracy, Death: The Jewish Lectures) (review)
  31. Żydzi w Polsce Odrodzonej (Jews in the Restored Poland), and: "Głos Gminy Żydowskiej" ("The Voice of the Jewish Community") (review)
  32. The Jewish Nation—A Few Remarks on Literature
  33. "I know who you are, but who I am—you do not know . . .": Reading Yiddish Writers in a Polish Literary Context
  34. Jews in Polish Philosophy
  35. The Influence of Progressive Judaism in Poland—an Outline
  36. The Beginnings of Beshtian Hasidism in Poland
  37. Polish Landscape with Synagogues
  38. Jews in Poland Between the Two World Wars
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