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  1. About the Contributors
  2. Eritrea (Africa in Focus Series) (review)
  3. Space, Mobility, and Translocal Connections across the Red Sea Area since 1500
  4. Waging Peace in Sudan (review)
  5. Reminiscences of My Life (review)
  6. Mutilating Khalid: The Symbolic Politics of Female Genital Cutting (review)
  7. The Missionary Strategies of the Jesuits in Ethiopia (1555–1632) (review)
  8. Race and Slavery in the Middle East: Histories of Trans-Saharan Africans in Nineteenth-Century Egypt, Sudan, and the Ottoman Mediterranean (review)
  9. Holy City on the Nile: Omdurman during the Mahdiyya, 1885–1898 (review)
  10. Le note del commissario Teobaldo Folchi e i cenni storico amministrativi sul commissariato di Massaua (1898) (review)
  11. In Memoriam
  12. From Marinetti to Pasolini: Massawa, the Red Sea, and the Construction of “Mediterranean Africa” in Italian Literature and Cinema
  13. Reflections on the Red Sea Style: Beyond the Surface of Coastal Architecture
  14. Arabic and Cushitic Toponymy: One Coast with Two Maps
  15. The Rashayda: Ethnic Identity and Dhow Activity in Suakin on the Red Sea Coast
  16. Red Sea Translocals: Hadrami Migration, Entrepreneurship, and Strategies of Integration in Eritrea, 1840s–1970s
  17. Women Who Migrate, Men Who Wait: Eritrean Labor Migration to the Arab Near East
  18. Famines of War: The Red Sea Grain Market and Famine in Eastern Sudan, 1889–1891
  19. Muslim Partners, Catholic Foes: The Selective Isolation of Gondärine Ethiopia
  20. Suakin: A Northeast African Port in the Ottoman Empire
  21. Conquistadores, Mercenaries, and Missionaries: The Failed Portuguese Dominion of the Red Sea
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