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  1. Book Notes
  2. Index to Volume 14
  3. News and Information
  4. Articles Noted
  5. Tropical Diaspora: The Jewish Experience in Cuba (review)
  6. The Jewish Family and Jewish Continuity (review)
  7. The Jewish Alchemists: A History and Source Book (review)
  8. The Ethics of Responsibility: Pluralistic Approaches to Conventional Ethics (review)
  9. The Kiss of God: Spiritual and Mystical Death in Judaism (review)
  10. Literary Studies in the Hebrew Bible—Form and Content: Collected Studies (review)
  11. A Book That Was Lost and Other Stories (review)
  12. The Book of Intimate Grammar (review)
  13. The Thorough Earth, and: Falling from Heaven: Holocaust Poems of a Jew and a Gentile, and: Gestapo Crows: Holocaust Poems (review)
  14. Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew (review)
  15. The Intellectual Contexts of Kafka's Fiction: Philosophy, Law, Religion (review)
  16. Between Two Worlds: A Cultural History of German-Jewish Writers (review)
  17. Musik im Exil: Folgen des Nazismus für die internationale Musikkultur (review)
  18. Jews in the Japanese Mind: The History and Uses of a Cultural Stereotype (review)
  19. God and Humanity in Auschwitz: Jewish-Christian Relations and Sanctioned Murder (review)
  20. Eichmann und seine Gehilfen (review)
  21. The Marxists and the Jewish Question: The History of a Debate (1843-1943) (review)
  22. Jewish Inscriptions of Western Europe (review)
  23. Politics and Society in Ottoman Palestine: The Arab Struggle for Survival and Power (review)
  24. Beyond Partnership: The Jewish Agency and the Diaspora, 1959-1971 (review)
  25. Whither EU-Israeli Relations? Common and Divergent Interests (review)
  26. The State of Israel in Jewish Public Thought: The Quest for Collective Identity (review)
  27. Peace Process: American Diplomacy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict Since 1967 (review)
  28. The Elections in Israel—1992 (review)
  29. Reading Dostoyevsky Post-Holocaust
  30. What Can Yiddish Mean to an American Poet?
  31. Rosenzweig's Response to Hermann Cohen's Deutschtum und Judentum
  32. Imag(in)ing Each Other: Blacks and Jews in Recent Literature
  33. Acquisition Theory and Usable Hebrew
  34. The Postmodern Moment in Jewish Ethics: De-Signing a Postmodern Jewish Morality
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