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  1. Book Notes
  2. Editor's Introduction: Rediscovering the Hebrew Bible as Literature
  3. News and Information
  4. Fighters Over Israel: The Story of the Israeli Airforce from the War of Independence to the Bekaa Valley (review)
  5. Beyond Innocence and Redemption (review)
  6. The Palestinian Uprising: A War by Other Means (review)
  7. Hellenists and Hebrews: Reappraising Division within the Earliest Church (review)
  8. Jesus Within Judaism: New Light from Exciting Archaeological Discoveries (review)
  9. How Things Were Done in Odessa: Cultural and Intellectual Pursuits in a Soviet City (review)
  10. Refugee Communities: A Comparative Field Study (review)
  11. Organizing Rescue: Jewish National Solidarity in the Modern Period (review)
  12. Inscribing the Other (review)
  13. Dreyfus: A Family Affair, 1789-1945 (review)
  14. The Economic Origins of Anti-Semitism: Poland and Its Jews in the Early Modern Period (review)
  15. The Chief Rabbi, the Pope and the Holocaust (review)
  16. Journey to Oblivion: The End of the East European Yiddish and German Worlds in the Mirror of Literature (review)
  17. Conversations with Bernard Malamud (review)
  18. Tar Beach (review)
  19. Allegra Maud Goldman (review)
  20. Tradition in a Rootless World: Women Turn to Orthodox Judaism (review)
  21. Allegories of Scripture
  22. The Interilluminating Bible
  23. Miriam and Zipporah
  24. "This Borrowed Language": Body Politic in Judges 19
  25. Prologue at Sinai
  26. Amnon
  27. 2 Samuel 24: A Meditation on Wrath, Guilt, and the King
  28. A Mother's Paean, A Warrior's Dirge: Reflections on the Use of Poetic Inclusions in the Books of Samuel
  29. Regrets
  30. To an Impotent God: Images of Divine Impotence in Hebrew Scripture
  31. The Identity of Jacob's Opponent: Wrestling with Ambiguity in Gen. 32:22-32
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