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  1. Contributors
  2. Books Received
  3. Teaching the New Departure: The United States vs. Susan B. Anthony
  4. Moses of South Carolina: A Jewish Scalawag during Radical Reconstruction (review)
  5. Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Biography, and: Wild Unrest: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Making of "The Yellow Wall-Paper." (review)
  6. The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: The "Great Truth" about the "Lost Cause." (review)
  7. Citizens of a Christian Nation: Evangelical Missions and the Problem of Race in the Nineteenth Century (review)
  8. Wounded Knee: Party Politics and the Road to an American Massacre (review)
  9. The Reconstruction of Mark Twain: How a Confederate Bushwhacker Became the Lincoln of Our Literature (review)
  10. A Visitation of God: Northern Civilians Interpret the Civil War (review)
  11. The Big House after Slavery: Virginia Plantation Families and Their Postbellum Domestic Experiment (review)
  12. Wanted—Correspondence: Women's Letters to a Union Soldier (review)
  13. This Birth Place of Souls: The Civil War Nursing Diary of Harriet Eaton (review)
  14. Financial Fraud and Guerrilla Violence in Missouri's Civil War, 1861-1865 (review)
  15. Soldiering in the Army of Northern Virginia: A Statistical Portrait of the Troops Who Served under Robert E. Lee (review)
  16. The Union War (review)
  17. At the Precipice: Americans North and South during the Secession Crisis (review)
  18. Cotton and Race in the Making of America: The Human Costs of Economic Power (review)
  19. Fugitive Justice: Runaways, Rescuers, and Slavery on Trial, and: Fugitive Slave on Trial: The Anthony Burns Case and Abolitionist Outrage (review)
  20. Lucretia Mott's Heresy: Abolition and Women's Rights in Nineteenth-Century America, and: Elizabeth Cady Stanton: An American Life (review)
  21. David Ruggles: A Radical Black Abolitionist and the Underground Railroad in New York City (review)
  22. Thoreau the Land Surveyor (review)
  23. So Rugged and Mountainous: Blazing the Trails to Oregon and California, 1812-1848 (review)
  24. Constructing Guerrilla Memory: John Newman Edwards and Missouri's Irregular Lost Cause
  25. Executions, Justice, and Reconciliation in North Carolina's Western Piedmont, 1865-67
  26. "The Unmeaning Twaddle about Order 28": Benjamin F. Butler and Confederate Women in Occupied New Orleans, 1862
  27. Sectional Economies
  28. Northern Women
  29. Environmental Histories
  30. The Southern Home Front
  31. Military History
  32. Slavery and Capitalism
  33. Nationalism
  34. Predictions
  35. Editor's Note
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