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  1. Editorial
  2. The Making of Buddhist Modernism (review)
  3. The Boundaries of Knowledge in Buddhism, Christianity, and Science (review)
  4. Jesuit on the Roof of the World: Ippolito Desideri's Mission to Tibet (review)
  5. Encountering Jesus and Buddha: Their Lives and Teachings (review)
  6. What Christians Can Learn from Buddhism: Rethinking Salvation (review)
  7. The Asian Jesus (review)
  8. Awareness Bound and Unbound: Buddhist Essays (review)
  9. Divine Contingency: Theologies of Divine Embodiment in Maximos and Tsong Kha Pa (review)
  10. Grounding Our Faith in a Pluralist World—With a Little Help from Nāgārjuna (review)
  11. The Im-Possibility of Interreligious Dialogue (review)
  12. Christianity Encountering World Religions: The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-First Century (review)
  13. A Buddhist in the Classroom (review)
  14. Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies: Frederick J. Streng Book Award 2010
  15. Buddhists and Christians Engaging Structural Greed Today: A Consultation Addressing a Spiritual and Moral Crisis Chiang Mai, Thailand, 22-26 August 2010
  16. The Annual Meeting of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies: Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 29-30 October 2010
  17. Raimon Panikkar (1918-2010): Life and Legacy
  18. Reply to Amos Yong's "Ignorance, Knowledge, and Omniscience"
  19. Ignorance, Knowledge, and Omniscience: At and Beyond the Limits of Faith and Reason after Shinran: Reflections on The Boundaries of Knowledge in Buddhism, Christianity, and Science, with Special Attention to Dennis Hirota
  20. The Awareness of the Natural World in Shinjin: Shinran's Concept of Jinen
  21. Reply to Sandra Costen Kunz's "Respecting the Boundaries of Knowledge"
  22. Respecting the Boundaries of Knowledge: Teaching Christian Discernment with Humility and Dignity, a Response to Paul O. Ingram
  23. Buddhist-Christian-Science Dialogue at the Boundaries
  24. From Epistemology to Ethics
  25. Asymmetry, Essentialism, and Covert Cultural Imperialism: Should Buddhists and Christians Do Theoretical Work Together?
  26. Duality and Non-Duality in Christian Practice: Reflections on the Benefits of Buddhist-Christian Dialogue for Constructive Theology
  27. Thoughts on Why, How, and What Buddhists Can Learn from Christian Theologians
  28. On Doing Theology and Buddhology: A Spectrum of Christian Proposals
  29. I Am Speechless: Thank You, Colleague Friends
  30. Rita Gross as Coeditor of Buddhist-Christian Studies
  31. Rita Gross: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue about Dialogue
  32. Rita Gross as Pioneer in the Study of Women and Religion
  33. Rita Gross's Contribution to Contemporary Western Tibetan Buddhism
  34. Rita Gross as Colleague and Collaborator
  35. Rita Gross as Teacher, Mentor, Friend
  36. No-Self, Dōgen, the Senika Doctrine, and Western Views of Soul
  37. Hobbits as Buddhists and an Eye for an "I"
  38. A Buddhist Carol
  39. Chinese Buddhism and the Threat of Atheism in Seventeenth-Century Europe
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