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This issue contains 37 articles in total

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  1. Color Insert
  2. Founders of the Field: South and Southeast Asia Introduction
  3. Founders of the Field: China Introduction
  4. Founders of the Field: Japan Introduction
  5. Addendum to Modern Chinese Drama in English: A Selective Bibliography
  6. From the Editor
  7. Dojoji—A Lovers’ Duet; The Sentimental Plasterer; Nezumi, the Japanese Robin Hood (review)
  8. Illusive Utopia: Theater, Film, and Everyday Performance in North Korea (review)
  9. NŌ Theatre Transversal (review)
  10. Balasaraswati: Her Art and Life (review)
  11. Engendering Performance: Indian Women Performers in Search of an Identity (review)
  12. Modern Indian Theatre: A Reader (review)
  13. Theatre in Colonial India: Play-House of Power (review)
  14. China’s Greatest Operatic Male Actor of Female Roles: Documenting the Life and Art of Mei Lanfang, 1894–1961 (review)
  15. Waiting for God’s Words (review)
  16. My Daughter’s Wedding (review)
  17. Charudattam (Kathakali Julius Caesar) (review)
  18. Remapping the Korean Theatre Tradition: A Case Study of Gwolhui, a Theatre of the Confucian Students in the Chosun Dynasty
  19. “Flower” as Performing Body in Nō Theatre
  20. The Ati-Atihan Festival: Dancing with the Santo Niño at the “Filipino Mardi Gras”
  21. “Modern Theatre for the Twenty-first Century”?: Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s Staging of The White Goddess (2009).
  22. Fredrik deBoer
  23. Roger Long
  24. John Emigh
  25. Melvyn Helstien
  26. Colin Mackerras
  27. A. C. Scott
  28. J. Thomas Rimer
  29. Donald Keene
  30. Leonard Cabell Pronko
  31. Andrew T. Tsubaki
  32. Samuel L. Leiter
  33. James R. Brandon
  34. Earle S. Ernst
  35. John D. Mitchell
  36. Faubion Bowers
  37. The Association for Asian Performance: A Brief History
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