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  1. Contributors
  2. Pois Não: Brazilian Portuguese Course for Spanish Speakers with Basic Reference Grammar (review)
  3. Portuguese for Spanish Speakers: Teaching and Acquisition (review)
  4. Latin American Melodrama: Passion, Pathos and Entertainment (review)
  5. The Carnivalesque Defunto: Death and the Dead in Modern Brazilian Literature (review)
  6. O diabrete angélico e o pavão: Enredo e amor possíveis em Brás Cubas (review)
  7. Chica da Silva: A Brazilian Slave of the Eighteenth Century (review)
  8. The Hidden History of Capoeira: A Collision of Cultures in the Brazilian Battle Dance (review)
  9. Leituras críticas sobre Boris Fausto (review)
  10. Um nordeste em São Paulo: Trabalhadores migrantes em São Miguel Paulista (1945–66) (review)
  11. Slavery and Protestant Missions in Imperial Brazil: "The Black Does Not Enter the Church, He Peeks in from Outside" (review)
  12. Immigration and Xenophobia: Portuguese Immigrants in Early 19th Century Rio de Janeiro (review)
  13. The Wandering Signifier: Rhetoric of Jewishness in the Latin American Imaginary (review)
  14. Unsettling Accounts: Neither Truth nor Reconciliation in Confessions of State Violence (review)
  15. Participatory Institutions in Democratic Brazil (review)
  16. Developing Brazil: Overcoming the Failure of the Washington Consensus (review)
  17. Brazil: A Century of Change (review)
  18. An Invisible Minority: Brazilians in New York City (review)
  19. Community, Culture, and the Makings of Identity: Portuguese-Americans along the Eastern Seaboard (review)
  20. Representations of the Portuguese in American Literature (review)
  21. A Companion to Portuguese Literature (review)
  22. Writing Captivity in the Early Modern Atlantic: Circulations of Knowledge and Authority in the Iberian and English Imperial Worlds (review)
  23. Science in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, 1500–1800 (review)
  24. Conferências sobre Joaquim Nabuco (review)
  25. Choro do Norte: Improvising the Transregional Roda in the United States
  26. Tension and "Tradition": Explorations of the Brazilian Berimbau by Naná Vasconcelos, Dinho Nascimento and Ramiro Musotto
  27. Doing the Bossa Nova: The Curious Life of a Social Dance in 1960s North America
  28. Benedicto Lacerda and the Golden Age of Choro
  29. African Rhythms in Brazilian Popular Music: Tango Brasileiro, Maxixe and Choro
  30. Bridging Disciplinary Divides in the Study of Brazilian Instrumental Music
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