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  1. Errata
  2. Mental Health and the Deaf Community
  3. The Jehovah’s Witness Experience
  4. Spiritual Life of Deaf People in South Africa
  5. The Arts
  6. Sport
  7. Hearing Parents’ Perspective on Raising and Educating a Deaf Child
  8. Family 2: An Afrikaans Vrou’s [Woman’s] Perspective on Deaf Education in South Africa—A Child’s Perspective
  9. A Parent’s Perspective on Deaf Education in South Africa
  10. Family 1: The Experiences of a University Student Who Is Deaf—A Child’s Perspective
  11. eDeaf: An Employment Company Run by the Deaf for the Deaf
  12. Vocational Training in School Programs and Occupational Training at Colleges in South Africa
  13. The Postgraduate Deaf Experience
  14. Postgraduate Study for Deaf South Africans
  15. The Learner Experience: Reflections on Being a Graduate of the Education Program in South Africa
  16. The Teacher Experience: Deaf Education at Sizwile School: Challenges and Strengths
  17. Challenges and Resolutions for the Deaf Education Sector in South Africa
  18. Deaf Education in South Africa
  19. Factors Affecting Deaf Education in South Africa
  20. South African Deaf Education and the Deaf Community
  21. Approaches to Teaching in Mainstream and Separate Postsecondary Classrooms
  22. Contributions of the Emergent Literacy Environment to Literacy Outcomes for Young Children Who Are Deaf
  23. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Adolescents in China: Their Fears and Anxieties
  24. Black Deaf Individuals’ Reading Skills: Influence of ASL, Culture, Family Characteristics, Reading Experience, and Education
  25. Conceptually Based Vocabulary Intervention: Second Graders’ Development of Vocabulary Words
  26. Codeswitching Techniques: Evidence-Based Instructional Practices for the ASL/English Bilingual Classroom
  27. Teachers’ Use and Perceptions of Progress Monitoring
  28. Editorial
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