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  1. Notes on Contributors
  2. War, Human Rights, and the American Left: Thoughts Inspired by Michael Bérubé’s The Left At War
  3. Young People Are No Longer at Risk: They are the Risk
  4. Disclosing Enclosure
  5. Interview
  6. Calinescu’s Dialogue with Ihab Hassan
  7. Autistic Solitude and the Act of Reading
  8. “The Shibboleth of Liberation”: Calinescu’s Postmodernism
  9. At the Gates of Writing: Matei Calinescu and the Distance Between Rereading and Rewriting
  10. Matei Calinescu: An Independent Intellectual
  11. Unreading, Rereading, and the Art of Not Reading
  12. Matei Calinescu: The Adventure and Drama of Modernity
  13. Reading, Writing, Being: Persians, Parisians, and the Scandal of Identity
  14. Dead Time: Aporias and Critical Videogaming
  15. Theorising Schmitt’s Friend-Enemy through Deleuzian Folding and First-Person Shooters
  16. World of Warcraft: The Murloc is the Message
  17. Installing the Game: Gameplay in the Installation T_Visionarium
  18. Constructing the Ethical Limits of Play in Policy Debates
  19. “We Need Radical Gameplay, Not Just Radical Graphics”: Towards a Contemporary Minor Practice in Computer Gaming
  20. Logging in and Getting Off: Login, Labor, Literature, and the Subject of the Net
  21. The Smooth Spaces of Play: Deleuze and the Emancipative Potential of Games
  22. Governmentality, Neoliberalism, and the Digital Game
  23. Writing Mexico: Travel and Intercultural Encounter in Contemporary American Literature
  24. Distance@
  25. Infotopia: A Report from the Future
  26. Future’s Shock: Plausibility, Preemption, and the Fiction of 9/11
  27. Clueless about Class in Academe
  28. The Repeatable and the Unrepeatable: Žižek and the Future of the Humanities, or Assessing Socrates
  29. Editor’s Note
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