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  1. Books Received
  2. How the Farmers Changed China: Power of the People (review)
  3. Scarlet Memorial: Tales of Cannibalism in Modern China (review)
  4. Power by Design: Constitution-making in Nationalist China (review)
  5. Interpreting Chinese Foreign Policy: The Micro-Macro Linkage Approach (review)
  6. The City in Modern Chinese Literature and Film: Configurations of Space, Time, and Gender (review)
  7. Making Urban Revolution in China: The CCP-GMD Struggle for Beiping-Tianjin, 1945-1949 (review)
  8. The Chinese Virago: A Literary Theme (review)
  9. Xuanzang: A Buddhist Pilgrim on the Silk Road (review)
  10. Limits to Autocracy: From Sung Neo-Confucianism to a Doctrine of Political Rights (review)
  11. Lost T'ai-chi Classics of the Late Ch'ing Dynasty (review)
  12. China in My Life: A Historian's Own History (review)
  13. The Arts of China to A.D . 900 (review)
  14. High Culture Fever: Politics, Aesthetics and Ideology in Deng's China (review)
  15. Fountain of Fortune: Money and Monetary Policy in China, 1000-1700 (review)
  16. Chinese Women Speak (review)
  17. Language Shattered: Contemporary Chinese Poetry and Duoduo (review)
  18. China under Jurchen Rule: Essays on Chin Intellectual and Cultural History (review)
  19. Shaping China's Future in World Affairs: The Role of the United States (review)
  20. Strategic Management of the China Venture (review)
  21. Traders and Raiders on China's Northern Frontier (review)
  22. Throwing the Emperor from His Horse: Portrait of a Village Leader in China, 1923-1995 (review)
  23. Chinese Economic Reform: The Impact on Security (review)
  24. Ling Ch'i Ching: A Classic Chinese Oracle (review)
  25. A History of China. Volume 1, Prehistory to c. 1800 (review)
  26. China, Korea and Taiwan (review)
  27. Asian Economies in Transition: Reforming Centrally Planned Economies (review)
  28. China Since 1911 (review)
  29. Putting Class in Its Place: Worker Identities in East Asia (review)
  30. Wang An-kuo's Jade Rewards and Millet Dream (review)
  31. The Distribution of Wealth in Rural China (review)
  32. The Shanghai Green Gang: Politics and Organized Crime, 1919-1937 (review)
  33. The Great Transformation: Social Change in Taipei: Taiwan since the 1960s (review)
  34. Censored by Confucius: Ghost Stories by Yuan Mei (review)
  35. Religions of China in Practice (review)
  36. The Taiwan-China Connection: Democracy and Development across the Taiwan Strait, and: Mass Politics in the Peoples Republic: State and Society in Contemporary China (review)
  37. Chinese Propaganda Posters: From Revolution to Modernization (review)
  38. T'an Ssu-t'ung, 1865-1898: Life and Thought of a Reformer (review)
  39. The Hong Kong—Guangdong Link: Partnership in Flux (review)
  40. Energy, Environment and the Economy: Asian Perspectives (review)
  41. Essays on Skepticism, Relativism, and Ethics in the Zhuangzi (review)
  42. Chinese Views of Childhood (review)
  43. Cultural Realism: Strategic Culture and Grand Strategy in Chinese History (review)
  44. Philosophy, Philology, and Politics in Eighteenth-Century China: Li Fu and the Lu-Wang School under the Ch'ing (review)
  45. Scientism and Humanism: Two Cultures in Post-Mao China (1978-1989) (review)
  46. Living Rooms as Factories: Class, Gender, and the Satellite Factory System in Taiwan (review)
  47. Borders of Chinese Civilization: Geography and History at Empire's End (review)
  48. Liberating Intimacy: Enlightenment and Social Virtuosity in Ch'an Buddhism (review)
  49. East-West Dialogue in Knowledge and Higher Education (review)
  50. Boundaries in China (review)
  51. A Traveller's History of China (review)
  52. The History of Cartography. Volume 2, Book 2, Cartography in the Traditional East and Southeast Asian Societies (review)
  53. China Voyager (review)
  54. Case Studies of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration: International Trade Disputes (review)
  55. Japan and Britain in Shanghai, 1925-1931 (review)
  56. Beyond the Great Wall: Urban Form and Transformation on the Chinese Frontiers (review)
  57. China's Motor: A Thousand Years of Petty Capitalism (review)
  58. China's Economic Reform (review)
  59. China's Legalists: The Earliest Totalitarians and Their Art of Ruling (review)
  60. Zhu Yuanzhang and Early Ming Legislation: The Reordering of Chinese Society Following the Era of Mongol Rule (review)
  61. The Great State of White and High: Buddhism and State Formation in Eleventh-Century Xia (review)
  62. Urban Space in Contemporary China: The Potential for Autonomy and Community in Post-Mao China (review)
  63. Shui de Changjiang: Fazhan zhong de Zhongguo neng fou chengdan sanxia gongcheng? 誰的長江 : 發展中的中國能否承擔三峽工程 (Whose Yangzi: Can a developing China afford to undertake the Three Gorges Dam project?) (review)
  64. Astronomy and Mathematics in Ancient China: The Zhou Bi Suan Jing (review)
  65. The Liberating Gospel in China: The Christian Faith among China's Minority Peoples (review)
  66. A Trip to China: Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese, and: China's Peril and Promise: An Advanced Reader (review)
  67. Democratizing Oriental Despotism: China from 4 May 1919 to 4 June 1989 and Taiwan from 28 February 1947 to 28 June 1990 (review)
  68. Two Chinese Treatises on Calligraphy: Treatise on Calligraphy (Shu pu) [by] Sun Qianli; Sequel to the "Treatise on Calligraphy" (Xu Shu pu) [by] Jang Kui (review)
  69. Tethered Deer: Government and Economy in a Chinese County (review)
  70. Perspectives on Accounting and Finance in China, and: Auditing Standards of the People's Republic of China, and: Financial Reform in China (review)
  71. China's Urban Revolutionaries: Explorations in the History of Chinese Trotskyism, 1921-1952 (review)
  72. Bajo un Mismo Techo: La familia tradicional en China y su crisis (Under the same roof: The traditional family in China and its crisis) (review)
  73. Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar (review)
  74. François Jullien: Comparative Thinking
  75. East Asian Science: Tradition and Beyond (review)
  76. The Cambridge Illustrated History of China (review)
  77. Redeeming Sima Qian
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