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  1. Books Received
  2. An Oppositionist for Life: Memoirs of the Chinese Revolutionary Zheng Chaolin (review)
  3. The Chinese PLA's Perception of an Invasion of Taiwan (review)
  4. Taiwan's Expanding Role in the International Arena (review)
  5. Calamity and Reform in China: State, Rural Society, and Institutional Change since the Great Leap Famine (review)
  6. The Conversion of Missionaries: Liberalism in American Protestant Missions in China, 1907-1932 (review)
  7. On Chinese Body Thinking: A Cultural Hermeneutics (review)
  8. Zhao Ziyang yu zhengzhi gaige (Political reform under Zhao Ziyang) (review)
  9. Writing Women in Late Imperial China (review)
  10. Taxation in China 1997/98 (review)
  11. The Waning of the Communist State: Economic Origins of Political Decline in China and Hungary (review)
  12. The Tragedy of Lin Biao: Riding the Tiger during the Cultural Revolution (review)
  13. Word-Order Change and Grammaticalization in the History of Chinese (review)
  14. Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China (review)
  15. Human Smuggling: Chinese Migrant Trafficking and the Challenge to America's Immigration Tradition (review)
  16. Middle Education in the Middle Kingdom: The Chinese Junior High School in Modern Taiwan (review)
  17. Chinese Opera: Images and Stories (review)
  18. Mencius and Early Chinese Thought (review)
  19. Zhou Enlai and the Foundations of Chinese Foreign Policy (review)
  20. China and Other Matters (review)
  21. A l'ombre de Hong Kong: Le delta de la rivière des Perles (In the shadow of Hong Kong: The Pearl River delta) (review)
  22. Origins of the Anglo-American Missionary Enterprise in China, 1807-1840 (review)
  23. Traditional Chinese Fiction and Fiction Commentary: Reading and Writing between the Lines (review)
  24. Taoism: Growth of a Religion (review)
  25. Chinese Theatre and the Actor in Performance (review)
  26. China's Economy: From Revolution to Reform (review)
  27. The People's Doctor: George Hatem and China's Revolution (review)
  28. Proletarian Power: Shanghai in the Cultural Revolution (review)
  29. Inventaire sommaire des manuscrits et imprimés chinois de la bibliothèque vaticane (review)
  30. Geschichte, Frauenbild und kulturelles Gedächtnis: Der ming-zeitliche Roman Shuihu zhuan (History, the image of women, and cultural memory: The Ming-period novel Shuihu zhuan) (review)
  31. Precious Records: Women in China's Long Eighteenth Century (review)
  32. China's Legal Reforms (review)
  33. The Dynamics of Foreign-policy Decision Making in China (review)
  34. The China Miracle: Development Strategy and Economic Reform (review)
  35. The Chinese Economy in Transition: From Plan to Market (review)
  36. Chinese Civilization in the Making, 1766-221 B.C. (review)
  37. Financing China Trade and Investment (review)
  38. Controlling from Afar: The Daoguang Emperor's Management of the Grand Canal Crisis, 1824-1826 (review)
  39. The Political Economy of Corruption in China, and: China's New Business Elite: The Political Consequences of Economic Reform (review)
  40. Print and Politics: Shibao and the Culture of Reform in Late Qing China (review)
  41. A Guide to the Tomb and Shrine Art of the Han Dynasty 206 B.C.-A.D. 220 (review)
  42. The Evolution of Jueju Verse (review)
  43. The Kuomintang and the Democratization of Taiwan (review)
  44. The Late Poems of Meng Chiao (review)
  45. Taiwan's Security in the Changing International System (review)
  46. Dangerous Pleasures: Prostitution and Modernity in Twentieth-Century Shanghai (review)
  47. The Democratization of China (review)
  48. Zhongguo wushu shi 中国武术史 (Chinese martial arts history) (review)
  49. Modernization and Revolution in China (review)
  50. Chinese Intellectuals on the World Frontier: Blazing the Black Path (review)
  51. Critical Perspectives on Mao Zedong's Thought (review)
  52. A Ming Society: T'ai-ho County, Kiangsi, in the Fourteenth to Seventeenth Century (review)
  53. Moral Vision and Tradition: Essays in Chinese Ethics (review)
  54. History in Three Keys: The Boxers as Event, Experience and Myth (review)
  55. New Perspectives on State Socialism in China (review)
  56. Rechtes Auflichten / Cheng-meng (review)
  57. Revue Bibliographique de Sinologie 14 (review)
  58. Understanding Chinese Courts and Legal Process: Law with Chinese Characteristics (review)
  59. Negotiating Ethnicities in China and Taiwan (review)
  60. Imperial Decline: Russia's Changing Role in Asia (review)
  61. Ink Plum: The Making of a Chinese Scholar-Painting Genre (review)
  62. Un siècle d'enseignement du chinois à l'Ecole des Langues orientales 1840-1845 (review)
  63. El otro sexo del dragón: Mujeres, literatura y sociedad en China (The other sex of the dragon: Women, literature and society in China) (review)
  64. Lightning Wires: The Telegraph and China's Technological Modernization, 1860-1890 (review)
  65. The Chinese Economy under Deng Xiaoping (review)
  66. K'ung-ts'ung-tzu: A Study and Translation of Chapters 15-23 with a Reconstruction of the Hsiao Erh-ya Dictionary (review)
  67. Material Culture in Europe and China, 1400-1800: The Rise of Consumerism (review)
  68. Mencius on the Mind: Experiments in Multiple Definition (review)
  69. Tradition of the Law and Law of the Tradition: Law, State, and Social Control in China (review)
  70. The Multimedia I Ching [CD-ROM], and: The Columbia I Ching on CD-ROM (review)
  71. "A Cigarette for Sukarno ... Brought Disgrace upon the Chinese People"—A Review Essay on the Cultural Revolution
  72. Mysticism and Kingship in China: The Heart of Chinese Wisdom (review)
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