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This issue contains 27 articles in total

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  1. Introduction: Authority in Buddhism and Christianity
  2. Editorial
  3. Nishida and Western Philosophy (review)
  4. Monasticism, Buddhist and Christian: The Korean Experience (review)
  5. Path of No Path: Contemporary Studies in Pure Land Buddhism Honoring Roger Corless (review)
  6. Kingship and Conversion in Sixteenth-Century Sri Lanka: Portuguese Imperialism in a Buddhist Land (review)
  7. Merton and Buddhism: Wisdom, Emptiness and Everyday Mind (review)
  8. Socially Engaged Buddhism (review)
  9. Without Buddha I Could not Be a Christian (review)
  10. Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in an Age of Science (review)
  11. Monopoly on Salvation? A Feminist Approach to Religious Pluralism (review)
  12. Contexts and Dialogue: Yogācāra Buddhism and Modern Psychology on the Subliminal Mind, and: Sciousness (review)
  13. The Annual Meeting of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies: Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 6 –7 November 2009
  14. Eleventh General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society: Nazareth College, Rochester, New York, USA, 11–14 June 2009
  15. Eighth Conference of the European Network of Buddhist-Christian Studies: St. Ottilien, Germany, 11–15 June 2009
  16. Political Authority: The Two Wheels of the Dharma
  17. Political Authority: A Christian Perspective
  18. Institutional Authority: A Buddhist Perspective
  19. Institutional Authority: A Christian Perspective
  20. Spiritual Authority: A Buddhist Perspective
  21. Spiritual Authority: A Christian Perspective
  22. Scriptural Authority: A Buddhist Perspective
  23. Scriptural Authority: A Christian (Protestant) Perspective
  24. The Crisis of Authority: Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners
  25. The Crisis of Authority From Holy Obedience to Bold Moral Imagination in European Christianity
  26. “Till Death Do Us Part”?: Buddhist Insights on Christian Marriage
  27. The Prospects for a Mahāyāna Theology of Emptiness: A Continuing Debate
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