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  1. Appendix B: Participant Roster 14th Symposium—Lincoln March 31, April 1, 2, 1981
  2. Appendix A: Program
  3. Introduction: The Hearing-Impaired Learner with Special Needs: Introduction
  4. Foreword
  5. Hearing-Impaired Learner with Special Needs: Summary
  6. Media Development Project for the Hearing Impaired: Project Update
  7. Television Program + Script = High Motivation in Vocabulary and English
  8. Classroom to Community to Classroom: A Multi-Media Approach to Teaching Functional Skills to Multi-Handicapped Hearing-Impaired Students
  9. Lens Curve Instructional Media
  10. Facilitating Readiness Skills and Early Communication in Developmentally Delayed Deaf Students
  11. Deaf-Blind Computer Training Program at Ohlone Community College
  12. The Use of a Multi-Image Slide Presentation and Experiential Strategies to Enhance Personal/Social Development of Deaf Students with Developmental Disabilities
  13. Designing Interactive Materials for Cost-Effective Learning
  14. Media Design for the Gifted Hearing Impaired
  15. Utilization of Technology in the Education of the Deaf-Blind
  16. Dormitory Language Project
  17. Creating Instructional Media to Meet the Needs of Preschool Hearing-Impaired Children With Developmental Disabilities
  18. A Deaf-Blind Resource Room
  19. The Acquisition of Creative Thought Processes Via the Study of Creative People
  20. An Interdisciplinary Approach to Instructional Media Production
  21. Use of Media in Teaching the Hearing-Impaired Student Who Has Additional Learning Problems
  22. Hearing-Impaired Learner with Special Needs: The Deaf-Blind
  23. Turned On Poetry: Creating Poetic Mood with Media
  24. The Gifted Hearing-Impaired Student
  25. Closed-Captioned Television: Educational and Sociological Implications for Hearing-Impaired Learners
  26. Conflict Resolution Training Program: Problem Solving Strategies for Hearing-Impaired Students with Behavior Problems
  27. Media for Ability, not Disability
  28. Use of Educational Media in Preparing "Gifted" Hearing-Impaired Children for Early Mainstreaming
  29. School-Wide Talented and Gifted Program For the Deaf
  30. The Many Uses of Apple Computers at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
  31. Video-Counseling for Multi-Handicapped Hearing-Impaired Students
  32. Media and Instructional Techniques for Usher's Syndrome
  33. How the Use of Media Will Develop the "Gift of Gab" in Gifted Hearing-Impaired Students
  34. Reaching for That Golden Ring: Some Thoughts on Educating Gifted/ Talented Handicapped Students
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