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  1. Estimating the Benefits of Freshwater Introduction into Coastal Wetland Ecosystems in Louisiana: Nutrient and Sediment Analyses
  2. Special Theme Introduction: Education and Outreach in Ecological Restoration
  3. Recently Received Titles
  4. Chumash Ethnobotany: Plant Knowledge among the Chumash People of Southern California (review)
  5. Restoring Wildlife: Ecological Concepts and Practical Applications, 2nd ed. (review)
  6. Remedies for a New West: Healing Landscapes, Histories, and Cultures (review)
  7. Abstracts, Reviews, and Meetings
  8. Earth Partnership for Schools: Ecological Restoration in Schools and Communities
  9. COOPLANTAR: A Brazilian Initiative to Integrate Forest Restoration with Job and Income Generation in Rural Areas
  10. Developing the Bioliteracy of School Children for 24 Years: A Fundamental Tool for Ecological Restoration and Conservation in Perpetuity of the Área de Conservación Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  11. A Multiinstitutional Spanish Master's Program in Ecosystem Restoration: Vision and Four-Year Experience
  12. Teaching the Assessment of Landscape Function in the Field: Enabling the Design and Selection of Appropriate Restoration Techniques
  13. Ecological Restoration for Future Conservation Professionals: Training with Conceptual Models and Practical Exercises
  14. Experimental Management of Nesting Habitat for the Blanding's Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii)
  15. Social Science Resources for Restoration Outreach Programs
  16. Reforestation and Restoration at the Cloud Forest School in Monteverde, Costa Rica: Learning by Doing
  17. Networking, Habitat Restoration, and Restoration Education in Sydney, Australia
  18. Bridging the Gap between Scientific Research and Tropical Forest Restoration: A Multifaceted Research, Conservation, Education, and Outreach Program in Southern Costa Rica
  19. Teaching Ecological Restoration to Strangers and Friends: An Adult Education Program in Northeastern Illinois
  20. On-the-Job Training for National Park Staff: What They Need to Know about Ecological Restoration (Colombia)
  21. Restoring Grassland Habitat in Linn, Wisconsin
  22. Seed Propagation Protocol for Wigeongrass (Ruppia maritima) (Mississippi)
  23. Smooth Brome: An Unexpected Response to Straw-Amended Soil (Alberta)
  24. Restoring Biodiversity by Lowering Deer Numbers at Shawnee Lookout (Ohio)
  25. Lessons Learned: Managing Biological Invasion on Hemlock Hill (Massachusetts)
  26. Seed Self-Burial, Germination, and Seedling Survival for a Species with Hygroscopic Awns (Illinois)
  27. Ponderosa Pine Understory Response to Short-Term Grazing Exclusion (Arizona)
  28. Germination and Survival of Tree Seeds in a Tropical Montane Forest Restoration Study (Costa Rica)
  29. Effects of Fuel-Reduction Treatments on Pollinators in a Pinyon-Juniper Woodland (Arizona)
  30. Practical Technique to Manage Smooth Sumac and Maintain Prairie Biodiversity (Nebraska)
  31. Texas Today: A Sea of the Wrong Grasses
  32. Breaking Out of the Silo: Education across Disciplines in Restoration Ecology
  33. Vital Signs
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