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  1. A Brief Overview of the Chronology of North Bothnian Sealing during the Iron Age and a Theory of Punctuated Sedentism
  2. Introduction: Tops of the World (TOW): The Dawn of a Concept
  3. New Computational and Mathematical Methods for Archaeological Fieldwork at the Extreme South of the Populated World
  4. Blessings and Horrors of the Interior: Ethno-Historical Studies of Inuit Perceptions Concerning the Inland Region of West Greenland
  5. Hunter-Gatherer Impact on Subarctic Vegetation: Amerindian and Palaeoeskimo Occupations of Port au Choix, Northwestern Newfoundland
  6. The Sea Giveth, The Sea Taketh: The Role of Marine Resources in Northern Ostrobotnia, Finland, 4000–2000 B.C.
  7. Between the Forest and the Sea: Hunter-Gatherer Occupations in the Subantarctic Forests in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
  8. Ethnoarchaeology in the Uttermost Part of the Earth
  9. Colonizing Seascapes: Comparative Perspectives on the Development of Maritime Relations in Scandinavia and Patagonia
  10. The Southern Top of the World: The First Peopling of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego and the Cultural Endurance of the Fuegian Sea-Nomads
  11. Ethics in the Landscape: Prehistoric Archaeology and Local Sámi Knowledge in Interior Finnmark, Northern Norway
  12. Stone Shamans and Flying Deer of Northern Mongolia: Deer Goddess of Siberia or Chimera of the Steppe?
  13. Where Does the South Begin?: Social Variability at the Southern Top of the World
  14. Implementing “External Power” at 65° N: On the Significance of a Twelfth Century Political Doctrine for the Making of Core-Periphery Relations
  15. Settlements in an Arctic Resource Frontier Region
  16. Long-Term Research and Cultural Resource Management Strategies in Light of Climate Change and Human Impact
  17. Past Climate Change and Perspectives for Archaeological Research: Examples from Norway, Svalbard, and Adjoining Seas
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