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  1. Books Received
  2. Book Notes
  3. The Jewish Bible and the Christian Bible: An Introduction to the History of the Bible (review)
  4. Editor's Introduction
  5. Contributors to This Issue
  6. Articles Noted
  7. Philosemitism: Admiration and Support in the English-Speaking World for Jews, 1840-1939 (review)
  8. Die Familie Mosse: Deutsch-judisches Burgertum im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert (review)
  9. Between the Yeshiva World and Modern Orthodoxy: The Life and Works of Rabbi Jehiel Jacob Weinberg, 1884-1966 (review)
  10. Shared Dreams: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Jewish Community (review)
  11. While America Watches: Televising the Holocaust (review)
  12. Selling the Holocaust: From Auschwitz to Schindler, How History is Bought, Packaged and Sold (review)
  13. Uneasy Asylum: France and the Jewish Refugee Crisis, 1933-1942 (review)
  14. Die Einsatzgruppen in der besetzten Sowjetunion 1941/42: Die Tatigkeits- und Lageberichte des Chefs der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD (review)
  15. "Final Solution": Nazi Population Policy and the Murder of the European Jews (review)
  16. Antisemitische Kriminalitat und Gewalt: Judenfeindschaft in der Weimarer Republik (review)
  17. "Zum Schutze des deutschen Blutes. ..": "Rassenschandegesetze" im Nationalsozialismus (review)
  18. Sun Turned to Darkness: Memory and Recovery in the Holocaust Memoir (review)
  19. There Once Was a World, A 900-Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok (review)
  20. The Lion and the Star: Gentile-Jewish Relations in Three Hessian Communities, 1919-1945 (review)
  21. Literarischer Antisemitismus: Untersuchungen zu Gustav Freytag und anderen burgerlichen Schriftstellern des 19. Jahrhunderts (review)
  22. Two Portuguese Exiles in Castile (review)
  23. The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World (review)
  24. Rabin and Israel's National Security (review)
  25. Israel: The Dynamics of Change and Continuity (review)
  26. Introducing Tosefta: Textual, Intratextual and Intertextual Studies (review)
  27. Rabbinic Authority (review)
  28. To Worship God Properly: Tensions Between Liturgical Custom and Halakhah in Judaism (review)
  29. A Tree of Life: Diversity, Flexibility, and Creativity in Jewish Law, and: Evolving Halakhah: A Progressive Approach to Traditional Jewish Law (review)
  30. Judaism and Disability: Portrayals in Ancient Texts from the Tanach through the Bavli (review)
  31. This Holy Place: On the Sanctity of the Synagogue during the Greco-Roman Period (review)
  32. The Image of the Jew in Flavius Josephus' Paraphrase of the Bible (review)
  33. The Israelites in History and Tradition (review)
  34. Made in God's Image?: Eve and Adam in the Genesis Mosaics at San Marco, Venice (review)
  35. Give us a King!: Samuel, Saul, and David (review)
  36. Taking the David Story out of its Box
  37. Current Methods and Methodology in Ladino Teaching
  38. Teaching "Ladino Language and Culture" and "Aspects of the Sephardic Tradition": Hopes, Fruits, Experiences
  39. Forging the Didactics of Sefardic Language and Literature
  40. The Instruction of Judeo-Spanish in Europe
  41. Teaching Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) at Ben-Gurion University
  42. Ensenyando el Djudeo-Espanyol (Ladino) en la Universidad Ben-Gurion
  43. The Excommunication of Spinoza: Trouble and Toleration in the "Dutch Jerusalem"
  44. Sephardic Songs, Proverbs, and Expressions: A Continuing Tradition
  45. Three Sefardic Folktales from Salonika, Greece
  46. Ladino, Judezmo, Spanyolit, El Kasteyano Muestro
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