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  1. Books Received
  2. Editor's Introduction: The Jewish Diaspora of Latin America
  3. Letter to the Editor
  4. Contributors
  5. Articles Noted
  6. The Fighting Rabbis: Jewish Military Chaplains and American History (review)
  7. Josephus's Interpretation of the Bible (review)
  8. David: Biblical Portraits of Power (review)
  9. Maimonides' Political Thought: Studies in Ethics, Law, and the Human Ideal (review)
  10. Is There a Jewish Philosophy?: Rethinking Fundamentals (review)
  11. Must a Jew Believe Anything? (review)
  12. New Talmudic Readings (review)
  13. Martin Buber: The Hidden Dialogue (review)
  14. Drama and Ideology in Modern Israel (review)
  15. James Joyce's Judaic Other (review)
  16. Antisemitismus und Judentum bei Clemens Brentano (review)
  17. The Impossible Legacy: Identity and Purpose in Autobiographical Children's Literature Set in the Third Reich and the Second World War (review)
  18. Anselm Kiefer and Art after Auschwitz (review)
  19. The Jews of China: Historical and Comparative Perspectives (review)
  20. Strange Haven: A Jewish Childhood in Wartime Shanghai (review)
  21. Most German of the Arts: Musicology and Society from the Weimar Republic to the End of Hitler's Reich (review)
  22. Problems Unique to the Holocaust (review)
  23. Moral Responsibility in the Holocaust: A Study in the Ethics of Character (review)
  24. Under the Shadow of the Swastika: The Moral Dilemmas of Resistance and Collaboration in Hitler's Europe (review)
  25. The Banality of Good and Evil: Moral Lessons from the Shoah and Jewish Tradition (review)
  26. Betrayal: German Churches and the Holocaust (review)
  27. Holocaust und autoritarer Charakter: Amerikanische Studien der vierziger Jahre vor dem Hintergrund der "Goldhagen-Debatte" (review)
  28. Zeitenbruch: Judische Existenz in Rheinland-Westfalen, 1933-1945 (review)
  29. Von der Emanzipation zur Entrechtung: Deutsch-J├╝dische Lebenswege (review)
  30. German-Jewish History in Modern Times (review)
  31. Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: Patterns, Problems, Possibilities (review)
  32. Immigrants and Bureaucrats: Ethiopians in an Israeli Absorption Center (review)
  33. Immigration to Israel: Sociological Perspectives (review)
  34. The Elections in Israel 1996 (review)
  35. In Search of Identity: Jewish Aspects in Israeli Culture (review)
  36. Palestinian Citizens in an Ethnic Jewish State: Identities in Conflict (review)
  37. Art Patronage and Philistinism in Argentina: Maurycy Minkowski in Buenos Aires, 1930
  38. Between the Undying Authoritarianism and the Unborn Democracy: Communal Organization in Ashkenazi Mexico -- 1997-1998
  39. The Women of the Open Door: Jews in the Belle Epoque Amazonian Demimonde, 1890-1920
  40. New Christians and Jews in Brazil: Migrations and Antisemitism
  41. Jewish Brazilians or Brazilian Jews? A Reflection on Brazilian Ethnicity
  42. Immigration and Childhood Experience in Two Contemporary Andean Jewish Novels
  43. Rights of Passage: The Struggle over Jewish Intermarriage and Conversion in Colombia
  44. How a Samovar Helped Me Theorize Latin American Jewish Writing
  45. Recent Tendencies in Latin American Jewish Studies
  46. Uncertain Travelers
  47. Rootless Nostalgia: Vienna in La Paz, La Paz in Elsewhere
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