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  1. Notes on Contributors
  2. Book Notes
  3. Conventions and Abbreviations
  4. In Memoriam: Pauline Baynes and Derek Brewer
  5. Editors' Introduction
  6. Bibliography (in English) for 2007
  7. The Year's Work in Tolkien Studies 2006
  8. Truths Breathed Through Silver: The Inklings' Moral and Mythopoeic Legacy (review)
  9. Tolkien's Shorter Works: Proceedings of the 4th Seminar of the Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft & Walking Tree Publishers Decennial Conference (review)
  10. Tolkien's Oxford (review)
  11. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings": Sources of Inspiration (review)
  12. Tolkien, Race and Cultural History: From Fairies to Hobbits (review)
  13. The Silmarillion: Thirty Years On (review)
  14. Myth and Magic: Art according to the Inklings (review)
  15. The Mirror Crack'd: Fear and Horror in J.R.R. Tolkien's Major Works (review)
  16. The Lord of the Rings and the Western Narrative Tradition (review)
  17. Chesterton and Tolkien as Theologians: The Fantasy of the Real (review)
  18. Arda Reconstructed: The Creation of the Published "Silmarillion" (review)
  19. Words, Phrases and Passages in Various Tongues in "The Lord of the Rings" (review)
  20. Tolkien On Fairy-stories: Expanded Edition, with Commentary and Notes (review)
  21. Essence of Elvish: The Basic Vocabulary of Quenya
  22. J.R.R. Tolkien and The Wanderer: From Edition to Application
  23. Fate and Free Will
  24. The Music and the Task: Fate and Free Will in Middle-earth
  25. Clinamen, Tessera, and the Anxiety of Influence: Swerving from and Completing George MacDonald
  26. The Unique Representation of Trees in The Lord of the Rings
  27. Councils and Kings: Aragorn's Journey Towards Kingship in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings
  28. Echoes of Pearl in Arda's Landscape
  29. A "Clerkes Compleinte": Tolkien and the Division of Lit. and Lang.
  30. Talk to the Dragon: Tolkien as Translator
  31. John D. Rateliff: A Checklist
  32. "A Kind of Elvish Craft": Tolkien as Literary Craftsman
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