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  1. Book Notes
  2. Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction (review)
  3. Contributors to This Issue
  4. Jewish Slavery in Antiquity (review)
  5. Job and the Disruption of Identity: Reading Beyond Barth (review)
  6. Gender, Judaism, and Bourgeois Culture in Germany, 1800-1870 (review)
  7. Men of Silk: The Hasidic Conquest of Polish Jewish Society (review)
  8. The Besht: Magician, Mystic and Leader (review)
  9. The Radical Enlightenment of Solomon Maimon: Judaism, Heresy, and Philosophy (review)
  10. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and the Modern Russo-Jewish Question (review)
  11. Disobedience (review)
  12. Anglo-Jewish Poetry from Isaac Rosenberg to Elaine Feinstein (review)
  13. Philip Roth's Rude Truth: The Art of Immaturity (review)
  14. Emma Lazarus (review)
  15. A Place of Our Own: The Rise of Reform Jewish Camping (review)
  16. The "Jew" in Cinema: From The Golem to Don't Touch My Holocaust (review)
  17. New Jews: The End of the Jewish Diaspora (review)
  18. The Men We Loved: Male Friendship and Nationalism in Israeli Culture (review)
  19. Scars of War, Wounds of Peace: The Israeli-Arab Tragedy (review)
  20. An Uneasy Relationship: American Jewish Leadership and Israel 1948–1957 (review)
  21. Die schweizerische Linke und Israel: Israelbegeisterung, Antizionismus und Antisemitismus zwischen 1967 und 1991 (review)
  22. Studying the Jew: Scholarly Antisemitism in Nazi Germany (review)
  23. Criminal Case 40/61: The Trial of Adolf Eichmann, an Eyewitness Account (review)
  24. The War in the Empty Air: Victims, Perpetrators, and Postwar Germans (review)
  25. Yesterday (My Story) (review)
  26. Crises of Memory and the Second World War (review)
  27. Why Arendt Matters (review)
  28. Vigilant Memory: Emmanuel Levinas, the Holocaust and the Unjust Death (review)
  29. Three Recent Books in Jewish Studies from France
  30. Iconoclasm and Messianism in German-Jewish Thought: The History of History, Part 2
  31. The Coming of Age of a Jewish Studies Scholarly Journal: A Quarter Century of Shofar
  32. From Pumbedita to Washington: Rabbinic Text, Urban Policy, and Social Reality
  33. The Art of Christian Apology: Comparing the French Catholic Church's Apology to the Jews and the Vatican's "We Remember"
  34. The GDR and Anti-Semitism?: A Comparison of Jan Koplowitz' Novel Bohemia, mein Schicksal (1979) and Horst Seemann's Film Hotel Polan und seine Gäste (1981)
  35. "Diving into the Wreck": Binding Oneself to Judaism in Contemporary Jewish Women's Fiction
  36. Lies Her Mother Told Us: Louise Levitas Henriksen's Critique of Anzia Yezierska's Autobiography
  37. Living on Writer's Block: Henry Roth and American Literature
  38. Invisible in Oxford: Medieval Jewish History in Modern England
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