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  1. Notes on Contributors
  2. Publications of Note
  3. Olympic Japan: Ideals and Realities of (Inter)Nationalism (review)
  4. Perspectives on Work, Employment and Society in Japan (review)
  5. Managing Women: Disciplining Labor in Modern Japan (review)
  6. Living Cities in Japan: Citizens' Movements, Machizukuri and Local Environments (review)
  7. Politics and Volunteering in Japan: A Global Perspective (review)
  8. Power and Pork: A Japanese Political Life (review)
  9. Client State: Japan in the American Embrace (review)
  10. Koizumi Diplomacy: Japan's Kantei Approach to Foreign and Defense Affairs (review)
  11. Japan Rising: The Resurgence of Japanese Power and Purpose (review)
  12. Securing Japan: Tokyo's Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia (review)
  13. Japan's Security Policy and the ASEAN Regional Forum: The Search for Multilateral Security in the Asia-Pacific (review)
  14. China-Japan Relations in the Twenty-first Century: Creating a Future Past? (review)
  15. Myth, Protest and Struggle in Okinawa (review)
  16. Democracy in Occupied Japan: The U.S. Occupation and Japanese Politics and Society (review)
  17. Pan-Asianism in Modern Japanese History: Colonialism, Regionalism and Borders (review)
  18. Japan's Contested War Memories: The "Memory Rifts" in Historical Consciousness of World War II (review)
  19. China at War: Regions of China, 1937-45 (review)
  20. The Nanking Atrocity 1937-38: Complicating the Picture (review)
  21. Pan-Asianism and Japan's War, 1931-1945 (review)
  22. Technology and the Culture of Progress in Meiji Japan (review)
  23. From Foot Soldier to Finance Minister: Takahashi Korekiyo, Japan's Keynes (review)
  24. The Vaccinators: Smallpox, Medical Knowledge, and the "Opening" of Japan (review)
  25. The Dog Shogun: The Personality and Policies of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (review)
  26. Pilgrimages and Spiritual Quests in Japan (review)
  27. Death and Social Order in Tokugawa Japan: Buddhism, Anti-Christianity, and the Danka System (review)
  28. Zen Ritual: Studies of Zen Buddhist Theory in Practice (review)
  29. The Teeth and Claws of the Buddha: Monastic Warriors and Sōhei in Japanese History (review)
  30. War and Faith: Ikkō Ikki in Late Muromachi Japan (review)
  31. Yöko Tawada: Voices from Everywhere (review)
  32. Full Metal Apache: Transactions between Cyberpunk Japan and Avant Pop America (review)
  33. From Impressionism to Anime: Japan as Fantasy and Fan Cult in the Mind of the West (review)
  34. Avantgarde Männersache? Künstlerinnen im Japan der 50er und 60er Jahre des 20. Jahrhunderts (review)
  35. Kingdom of Beauty: Mingei and the Politics of Folk Art in Imperial Japan (review)
  36. Ambient Literature and the Aesthetics of Calm: Mood Regulation in Contemporary Japanese Fiction
  37. Ethnography as Consumption: Travel and National Identity in Oda Makoto's Nan de mo mite yarō
  38. Playbills, Ephemera, and the Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Japan
  39. Down and Out in Negishi: Reclusion and Struggle in an Edo Suburb
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