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  1. Books Received
  2. Historicizing Online Politics: Telegraphy, the Internet, and Political Participation in China (review)
  3. Higher Education in China (review)
  4. The Merchants of Zigong: Industrial Entrepreneurship in Early Modern China (review)
  5. Everyday Modernity in China (review)
  6. Religious Diversity and Public Religion in China (review)
  7. Discovering Nature: Globalization and Environmental Culture in China and Taiwan (review)
  8. China: Dawn of a Golden Age, 200-750 A.D. (review)
  9. Dynastic Crisis and Cultural Innovation: From the Late Ming to the Late Qing and Beyond (review)
  10. In Search of an Identity: The Politics of History as a School Subject in Hong Kong, 1960s–2005 (review)
  11. Reinventing the Wheel: Paintings of Rebirth in Medieval Buddhist Temples (review)
  12. Social Change in Contemporary China: C. K. Yang and the Concept of Institutional Diffusion (review)
  13. Yidai caizi Qian Zhongshu (review)
  14. Southern Fujian: Reproduction of Traditions in Post-Mao China (review)
  15. Border Landscapes: The Politics of Akha Land Use in China and Thailand (review)
  16. Forgive Us Our Sins. Confession in Late Ming and Early Qing China (review)
  17. The Grand Scribe's Records, Volume 5.1: The Hereditary Houses of Pre-Han China, Part I (review)
  18. Pulu 譜錄: "Abhandlungen und Auflistungen" zu materieller Kultur und Naturkunde im traditionellen China (review)
  19. China: Fragile Superpower (review)
  20. Power Shift: China and Asia's New Dynamics (review)
  21. Marionette Theatre in Quanzhou (review)
  22. Allegorical Architecture: Living Myth and Architectonics in Southern China (review)
  23. Mirror of Morality: Chinese Narrative Illustration and Confucian Ideology (review)
  24. Hong Kong Legal Principles: Important Topics for Students and Professionals (review)
  25. Embodied Modernities: Corporeality, Representation, and Chinese Cultures (review)
  26. Jingjiao: The Church of the East in China and Central Asia (review)
  27. Yang Tian Chang Xiao: Yige Dan Jian Shiyi Nian De Hongweibing Yuzhong Yutianlu (Outcry from a Red Guard Imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution) (review)
  28. China Upside Down: Currency, Society, and Ideologies, 1808-1856 (review)
  29. The China Mystique: Pearl S. Buck, Anna May Wong, Mayling Soong, and the Transformation of American Orientalism (review)
  30. Economic Reform in China, 1979-2003: The Marketization of Labor and State Enterprises (review)
  31. Learning from Chinese Philosophies: Ethics of Interdependent and Contextualised Self (review)
  32. The Subtle Revolution: Poets of the "Old Schools" during Late Qing and Early Republican China (review)
  33. Corruption and Realism in Late Socialist China: The Return of the Political Novel (review)
  34. China's American Daughter: Ida Pruitt (1888–1985) (review)
  35. The Hongzhou School of Chan Buddhism in Eighth- through Tenth-Century China (review)
  36. Hong Mai's "Record of the Listener" and Its Song Dynasty Context (review)
  37. Confucian Cultures of Authority (review)
  38. Women in China's Long Twentieth Century (review)
  39. Portraits of Influential Chinese Educators (review)
  40. Beijing: A Concise History (review)
  41. Commerce and Capitalism in Chinese Society (review)
  42. Gender in Motion: Divisions of Labor and Cultural Change in Late Imperial and Modern China (review)
  43. Drama Kings: Players and Publics in the Re-creation of Peking Opera 1870-1937 (review)
  44. Verwandtschaft und Gesellschaft im Alten China: Begriffe, Strukturen und Prozesse (review)
  45. China Shifts Gears: Automakers, Oil, Pollution, and Development (review)
  46. Intimate Politics: Marriage, Market, and State Power in Southeast China (review)
  47. Empire, Nation, and Beyond: Chinese History in Late Imperial and Modern Times: A Festschrift in Honor of Frederic Wakeman (review)
  48. The Problem of Beauty: Aesthetic Thought and Pursuits in Northern Song Dynasty China (review)
  49. Emperor Huizong and Late Northern Song China: The Politics of Culture and the Culture of Politics (review)
  50. Death in Ancient China: The Tale of One Man's Journey (review)
  51. Significant Other: Staging the American in China (review)
  52. Chinese Medicine Men: Consumer Culture in China and Southeast Asia (review)
  53. Early Confucius Ethics: Concepts and Arguments (review)
  54. Charting China's Future: Political, Social, and International Dimensions (review)
  55. Being Chinese, Becoming Chinese American (review)
  56. Witness Against History: Literature, Film, and Public Discourse in Twentieth-Century China (review)
  57. Diplomacy and Trade in the Chinese World, 589–1276 (review)
  58. The Dao of Muhammad: A Cultural History of Muslims in Late Imperial China (review)
  59. Zhou Enlai: A Political Life (review)
  60. Shaping the Ideal Child: Children and Their Primers in Late Imperial China (review)
  61. Obsessions with the Sino-Japanese Polarity in Japanese Literature (review)
  62. The Making of Early Chinese Classical Poetry (review)
  63. Text and Ritual in Early China (review)
  64. Bringing the World Home: Appropriating the West in Late Qing and Early Republican China (review)
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