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This issue contains 36 articles in total

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  1. Contributors
  2. About the Artist: Ralph Regenvanu
  3. Pacific Encounters: Art and Divinity in Polynesia, 1760-1860 (review)
  4. Samoan Wedding, and: No. 2 (review)
  5. The Songmaker's Chair (review)
  6. One and a Half Pacific Islands / Teuana ao Teiterana n aba n Te Betebeke: Stories the Banaban People Tell of Themselves/I-Banaba Aika a Karakin oin Rongorongola (review)
  7. No Turning Back: A Memoir (review)
  8. American Pacificism: Oceania in the US Imagination (review)
  9. Borrowing: A Pacific Perspective (review)
  10. The People of the Sea: Environment, Identity, and History in Oceania (review)
  11. Shifting Images of Identity in the Pacific (review)
  12. Les Javanais du Caillou, Des affres de l'exil aux aléas de l'intégration: Sociologie historique de la communauté indonésienne de Nouvelle Calédonie / The Javanese of the Rock: From the Hazards of Exile to the Hazards of Integration (review)
  13. Social Discord and Bodily Disorder: Healing among the Yupno of Papua New Guinea (review)
  14. Rationales of Ownership: Transactions and Claims to Ownership in Contemporary Papua New Guinea (review)
  15. Conservation Is Our Government Now: The Politics of Ecology in Papua New Guinea (review)
  16. Globalization and the Re-Shaping of Christianity in the Pacific Islands (review)
  17. Political Parties in the Pacific Islands (review)
  18. Pacific Futures (review)
  19. The Making of Global and Local Modernities in Melanesia: Humiliation, Transformation and the Nature of Culture Change (review)
  20. The Lebon Brothers
  21. Vanuatu
  22. Solomon Islands
  23. New Caledonia
  24. Fiji
  25. The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 2005–2006
  26. The Two Children Left Behind
  27. Imagining Oceania: Indigenous and Foreign Representations of a Sea of Islands
  28. The Journey of the Dead
  29. Viewing Diasporas from the Pacific: What Pacific Ethnographies Offer Pacific Diaspora Studies
  30. Making a Case for Tongan as an Endangered Language
  31. The Last Leseserrkab on Uripiv
  32. The Trouble with RAMSI: Reexamining the Roots of Conflict in Solomon Islands
  33. A Fishy Romance: Chiefly Power and the Geopolitics of Desire
  34. The Story of the Eel
  35. Errata
  36. Images
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