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  1. Book Notes
  2. Contributors to This Issue
  3. The Future of Biblical Archaeology: Reassessing Methodologies and Assumptions (review)
  4. The Dissenting Reader: Feminist Approaches to the Hebrew Bible (review)
  5. Moses Maimonides: The Man and His Works (review)
  6. Ascensions on High in Jewish Mysticism: Pillars, Lines, Ladders (review)
  7. Community, Covenant and Commitment: Selected Letters and Communications (review)
  8. The Book of Job in Medieval Jewish Philosophy (review)
  9. Grotesque Ambivalence: Melancholy and Mourning in the Prose Work of Albert Drach (review)
  10. Mandrakes from the Holy Land (review)
  11. Erwählung erinnern: Literatur als Medium jüdischen Selbstverständnisses (review)
  12. Masculinity, Anti-Semitism and Early Modern Literature: From the Satanic to the Effeminate Jew (review)
  13. Between Philosemitism and Antisemitism: Defenses of Jews and Judaism in Germany 1871-1932 (review)
  14. Heirs of Abraham: The Future of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Relations (review)
  15. Jews and Blacks in the Early Modern World (review)
  16. Preaching Eugenics: Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement (review)
  17. Nazi Anti-Semitism: From Prejudice to the Holocaust (review)
  18. Argentina, Israel, and the Jews: Peron, the Eichmann Capture and After (review)
  19. Transformative Justice: Israeli Identity on Trial (review)
  20. The Jewish Radical Right: Revisionist Zionism and Its Ideological Legacy (review)
  21. Death as a Way of Life: Israel Ten Years After Oslo (review)
  22. War in Palestine 1948: Strategy and Diplomacy (review)
  23. Governing Israel: Chosen People, Promised Land and Prophetic Tradition (review)
  24. New Perspectives on Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ: Review Essay
  25. The Acoustic Culture of Yiddish
  26. Transmitting Ashkenaz
  27. Queer Yiddishkeit: Practice and Theory
  28. The Making of an Eastern European Jewish Legacy in Contemporary South Africa
  29. You Are What They Ate: Russian Jews Reclaim Their Foodways
  30. Yiddish, Kanak Sprak, Klezmer, and HipHop: Ethnolect, Minority Culture, Multiculturalism, and Stereotype in Germany
  31. Becoming a Jew by Becoming a German: The Newest Jewish Writing from the "East"
  32. Where Life-Worlds Converge: Reflections on a Visit To Mattersburg
  33. There Ain't No There There: Reimagining Eastern European Jewish Culture in the 21st Century
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