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  1. Contributors
  2. About the Artist: Larry Santana
  3. Adorning the World: Art of the Marquesas Islands (review)
  4. American Memorial Park Visitor Center and WWII Exhibit Hall, National Park Service (review)
  5. Pacific Jewelry and Adornment (review)
  6. Theatre and Political Process: Staging Identities in Tokelau and New Zealand (review)
  7. Sing-song (review)
  8. Voice Carried My Family (review)
  9. Tu: A Novel (review)
  10. Postcolonial Pacific Writing: Representations of the Body (review)
  11. The Aborigines of Taiwan: The Puyuma; From Headhunting to the Modern World (review)
  12. Historiographie de la Nouvelle-Caledonie (review)
  13. Life in the Republic of the Marshall Islands / Mour ilo Republic eo an Majol (review)
  14. Colonial Dis-Ease: US Navy Health Policies and the Chamorros of Guam, 1898-1941 (review)
  15. Mining and Indigenous Lifeworlds in Australia and Papua New Guinea (review)
  16. Sovereignty under Siege? Globalization and New Zealand (review)
  17. The Unseen City: Anthropological Perspectives on Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (review)
  18. The Manipulation of Custom: From Uprising to Intervention in the Solomon Islands, and: Happy Isles in Crisis: The Historical Causes for a Failing State in Solomon Islands, 1988-2004 (review)
  19. Vanuatu
  20. Solomon Islands
  21. Papua New Guinea
  22. New Caledonia
  23. Fiji
  24. The Ecology and Economy of Indigenous Resistance: Divergent Perspectives on Mining in New Caledonia
  25. Cannibalistic Imaginaries: Mining the Natural and Social Body in Papua New Guinea
  26. Local Laborers in Papua New Guinea Mining: Attracted or Compelled to Work?
  27. Environmental Conservation and Mining: Strange Bedfellows in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea
  28. Who Is the "Original Affluent Society"? Ipili "Predatory Expansion" and the Porgera Gold Mine, Papua New Guinea
  29. Hinterland History: The Ok Tedi Mine and Its Cultural Consequences in Telefolmin
  30. Grass Roots and Deep Holes: Community Responses to Mining in Melanesia
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