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  1. Contributors
  2. About the Artist
  3. Images
  4. Oltobed a Malt (Nurture, regenerate, celebrate). The Ninth Festival of Pacific Arts in Koror, Palau, 22-31 July 2004 (review)
  5. Kau La'au and Ma'ama'a: Traditional Hawaiian Ulua Fishing (review)
  6. The Time at Darwin's Reef: Poetic Explorations in Anthropology and History (review)
  7. Pacific Art: Persistence, Change and Meaning (review)
  8. Re-Thinking Vanuatu Education Together (review)
  9. Anuta: Polynesian Lifeways for the 21st Century (review)
  10. Identity and Development: Tongan Culture, Agriculture, and the Perenniality of the Gift (review)
  11. Exchanging the Past: A Rainforest World of Before and After (review)
  12. Conceiving Cultures: Reproducing People and Places on Nuakata, Papua New Guinea (review)
  13. Under Heaven's Brow: Pre-Christian Religious Tradition in Chuuk (review)
  14. Namoluk Beyond the Reef: The Transformation of a Micronesian Community (review)
  15. Wartime Japanese Anthropology in Asia and the Pacific (review)
  16. The Archaeology of Micronesia (review)
  17. Worlds Apart: A History of the Pacific Islands (review)
  18. New Guinea: Crossing Boundaries and History (review)
  19. Pacific Places, Pacific Histories: Essays in Honor of Robert C Kiste (review)
  20. Bittersweet: The Indo-Fijian Experience (review)
  21. Landscape, Memory and History: Anthropological Perspectives (review)
  22. Cargo, Cult, and Culture Critique (review)
  23. Maori Times, Maori Places: Prophetic Histories (review)
  24. Becoming Sinners: Christianity and Moral Torment in a Papua New Guinea Society (review)
  25. Vanuatu
  26. Papua
  27. New Caledonia
  28. The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 2004
  29. "Hawaiian at Heart" and Other Fictions
  30. Of Blood and of the Heart: An Interview with Georgia Ka'apuni McMillen
  31. Reply
  32. French Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific, or When France Makes Light of Its Duty to Remember
  33. Response to Regnault
  34. The Nuclear Age in the Pacific Islands
  35. A Comment on "The Nuclear Issue in the South Pacific"
  36. The Nuclear Issue in the South Pacific: Labor Parties, Trade Union Movements, and Pacific Island Churches in International Relations
  37. In Quest of Dialogue on a "Hot" Subject
  38. Beyond Governance in Samoa: Understanding Samoan Political Thought
  39. Australian Foreign Policy and the RAMSI Intervention in Solomon Islands
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