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  1. The Islamist Challenge in Algeria: A Political History (review)
  2. Choosing War: The Lost Chance for Peace and the Escalation of War in Vietnam (review)
  3. The Nation as a Local Metaphor: Wurttemberg, Imperial Germany, and National Memory, 1871-1918, and: Colonial Fantasies: Conquest, Family, and Nation in Precolonial Germany, 1770-1870 (review)
  4. White Women's Rights: The Racial Origins of Feminism in the United States (review)
  5. The Dynamics of Enduring Rivalries (review)
  6. The Ideals of Empire: Economic and Political Thought, 1903-1913, and: The Empire and Its Critics, 1899-1939: Classics of Imperialism (review)
  7. The World and the West: The European Challenge and the Overseas Response in the Age of Empire (review)
  8. Picturing Imperial Power: Colonial Subjects in Eighteenth-Century British Painting (review)
  9. Infelicities: Representations of the Exotic (review)
  10. The Great Encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800 (review)
  11. Who Do We Think We Are?: Race and Nation in the Modern World (review)
  12. Cities of Aristocrats and Bureaucrats: The Development of Medieval Chinese Cityscapes (review)
  13. The Religions of the Silk Road: Overland Trade and Cultural Exchange from Antiquity to the Fifteenth Century (review)
  14. Longing for the End: A History of Millennialism in Western Civilization (review)
  15. Taiwan: A New History (review)
  16. The Sextants of Beijing: Global Currents in Chinese History (review)
  17. The Great Wave: Price Revolutions and the Rhythm of History (review)
  18. Food in Global History (review)
  19. Women in the Middle East and North Africa (review)
  20. Beyond Binary Histories: Re-imagining Eurasia to c. 1830 (review)
  21. Growth Recurring: Economic Change in World History (review)
  22. Floods, Famines, and Emperors: El Nino and the Fate of Civilizations (review)
  23. The New World History: A Teacher's Companion (review)
  24. Drang Nach Osten: Bernard Bailyn, the World-Island, and the Idea of Atlantic History
  25. From Mexico to Copenhagen to Nairobi: The United Nations Decade for Women, 1975-1985
  26. Governing Growth: A Comparative Analysis of the Role of the State in the Rise of the West
  27. Consuming Kashmir: Shawls and Empires, 1500-2000
  28. Tamerlane's Career and Its Uses
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