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  1. Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?: Understanding Historical Change (review)
  2. Fascism's Return: Scandal, Revision, and Ideology since 1980 (review)
  3. 1968: The World Transformed (review)
  4. The West and the Third World: Trade, Colonialism, Dependence, and Development (review)
  5. Edo and Paris: Urban Life and the State in the Early Modern Era (review)
  6. Transatlantic Radicals and the Early American Republic (review)
  7. The Russian Empire and the World, 1700-1917: The Geopolitics of Expansion and Containment (review)
  8. Russia's Orient: Imperial Borderlands and Peoples, 1700-1917 (review)
  9. Spain's Men of the Sea: Daily Life on the Indies Fleets in the Sixteenth Century, and: The Portuguese Empire, 1415-1808 (review)
  10. Tigers, Rice, Silk, and Silt: Environment and Economy in Late Imperial South China, and: Sugar and Society in China: Peasants, Technology, and the World Market (review)
  11. Dominance without Hegemony: History and Power in Colonial India (review)
  12. Dynamics of State Formation: Europe and India Compared (review)
  13. The Barbarian Conversion: From Paganism to Christianity (review)
  14. From Plato to NATO: The Idea of the West and Its Opponents (review)
  15. The Lapita Peoples: Ancestors of the Oceanic World (review)
  16. The Gender of History: Men, Women, and Historical Practice (review)
  17. Calendar: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year (review)
  18. Navies in History (review)
  19. World History: Ideologies, Structures, and Identities (review)
  20. Rise and Demise: Comparing World-Systems (review)
  21. The Politics of Criticism: Not Out of Africa and "Black Athena" Revisited
  22. Why Is the Twentieth Century the Century of Genocide?
  23. China, the West, and World History in Joseph Needham's Science and Civilisation in China
  24. Patrons, Clients, and Empire: The Subordination of Indigenous Hierarchies in Asia and Africa
  25. Trade and State in the Arabian Seas: A Survey from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Century
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