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  1. Contributors
  2. Introduction: Indigenous Knowledge Recovery Is Indigenous Empowerment
  3. Recent Dissertations
  4. Making Sense of Work on the Wind River Indian Reservation
  5. Worldviews of Urban Iroquois Faculty: A Case Study of a Native American Resource Program
  6. "Red Man's Burden": The Politics of Inclusion in Museum Settings
  7. Rhetorical Exclusion in the Trial of Leonard Peltier
  8. "I'm On Home Ground Now. I'm Safe": Saskatchewan Aboriginal Veterans in the Immediate Postwar Years, 1945 1946
  9. An Art of Survivance: Angel DeCora at Carlisle
  10. Indigenous Land Claims and Economic Development: The Canadian Experience
  11. Indigenous Knowledge in the Decolonial Era
  12. Indigenous Pedagogy in the Classroom: A Service Learning Model for Discussion
  13. Bringing Traditional Teachings to Leadership
  14. Back from the (Nearly) Dead: Reviving Indigenous Languages across North America
  15. Changes in Childbirth Knowledge
  16. Decolonizing Conflict Resolution: Addressing the Ontological Violence of Westernization
  17. Indigenizing Evaluation Research: How Lakota Methodologies Are Helping "Raise the Tipi" in the Oglala Sioux Nation
  18. The Community within the Child: Integration of Indigenous Knowledge into First Nations Childcare Process and Practice
  19. As if Indigenous Knowledge and Communities Mattered: Transformative Education in First Nations Communities in Canada
  20. People of the Corn: Teachings in Hopi Traditional Agriculture, Spirituality, and Sustainability
  21. Indigenous Nutrition: Using Traditional Food Knowledge to Solve Contemporary Health Problems
  22. Coming Full Circle: Indigenous Knowledge, Environment, and Our Future
  23. Anticolonial Strategies for the Recovery and Maintenance of Indigenous Knowledge
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