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  1. Book Notes
  2. Foreword
  3. Contributors to This Issue
  4. Judaism and Ecology: Created World and Revealed World (review)
  5. Opera, Liberalism, and Antisemitism in Nineteenth-Century France: The Politics of Halevy's La Juive (review)
  6. Judaism and Enlightenment (review)
  7. Women of the Wall: Claiming Sacred Ground at Judaism's Holy Site (review)
  8. What Shall I Do With This People? Jews and the Fractious Politics of Judaism (review)
  9. Jews, Turks, Ottomans: A Shared History, Fifteenth Through the Twentieth Century (review)
  10. Diaspora: Jews Amidst Greeks and Romans (review)
  11. Jewish Marriage in Antiquity (review)
  12. Passover in the Works of Josephus (review)
  13. Commentary on the Torah, with a New English Translation and the Hebrew Text (review)
  14. The God of Old: Inside the Lost World of the Bible (review)
  15. You Have Not Spoken What Is Right About Me: Intertextuality and the Book of Job (review)
  16. Seeing the Psalms, A Theology of Metaphor (review)
  17. The World According to Itzik: Selected Poetry and Prose (review)
  18. Chaucer and the Jews: Sources, Contexts, Meanings (review)
  19. The Scroll and the Cross: 1,000 Years of Jewish-Hispanic Literature (review)
  20. Juden in der deutschen Literatur des Mittelalters: Religiose Konzepte--Feindbilder--Rechtfertigungen (review)
  21. Women's Poetry and Religion in Victorian England (review)
  22. Diaspora and Zionism in Jewish American Literature: Lazarus, Syrkin, Reznikoff, Roth (review)
  23. Best Contemporary Jewish Writing (review)
  24. Poetry After Auschwitz: Remembering What One Never Knew (review)
  25. Image and Remembrance: Representation of the Holocaust (review)
  26. Holocaust Politics (review)
  27. In die Haare, in die Arme. 40 Jahre Arbeitsgemeinschaft "Juden und Christen beim Deutschen Evangelischen Kirchentag" (review)
  28. Current Perspectives on the Holocaust
  29. Representations of Family in Autobiographical Texts of Child Refugees
  30. Bracelet, Hand Towel, Pocket Watch: Objects of the Last Moment in Memory and Narration
  31. The Acculturation of the Kindertransport Children: Intergenerational Dialogue on the Kindertransport Experience
  32. Traumatization through Separation: Loss of Family and Home as Childhood Catastrophes
  33. Integration and Formation of Identity: Exile Schools in Great Britain
  34. "It Is Usually She": The Role of British Women in the Rescue and Care of the Kindertransport Kinder
  35. "Invisible" Children: The Selection and Integration Strategies of Relief Organizations
  36. Class as a Factor in the Social Adaptation of the Kindertransport Kinder
  37. Kindertransport: History and Memory
  38. Child Exiles: A New Research Area?
  39. Emigration as Rescue and Trauma: The Historical Context of the Kindertransport
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