Submission Guidelines

Critical articles for consideration should be from 20 to 30 pages and use MLAstyle endnotes, rather than footnotes. Please format according to the MLA Style Manual, 8th edition. The journal follows a double-blind peer review process; thus, the author’s name should not appear on the manuscript, only the cover letter. Authors must submit articles to the editor through the journal’s online submission and peer review system at

Authors must be members of the Edith Wharton Society at the time of publication.

Archival, pedagogical, and review essays may be shorter than 20 pages. Archival pieces highlight previously unpublished materials by Wharton, or those that help us gain new understanding of her life and work (letters about Wharton or members of her circle or family, or manuscripts referring to Wharton, for example). Pedagogical pieces should offer approaches taken to Wharton in the classroom. Review essays might be pieces on little-read works by Wharton and work by her associates; they might also focus on Wharton’s status in contemporary culture. Authors wishing to submit such articles should query the Editor.